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Top 25 ceviche spots in North America

A spritz of lime juice, dusting of coriander, chunks of onions, and a sprinkle of ají. Mix in local, raw fish and you’ve got yourself a fresh bowl of ceviche. This unique dish may have originated in Peru and Ecuador, but it has spread all over North America and especially raved about by Yelpers at these below restaurants.

1. Ceviches by Divino – Miami Springs, FL
2. Pola’s Mariscos – Montclair, CA
3. 167 Raw – Charleston, SC
4. Holbox – Los Angeles, CA
5. Ceviche Ceviche – South Padre Island, TX
6. Anytime – New York, NY
7. Ceviche7 – Austin, TX
8. Taco Nazo – Bellflower, CA
9. Organic Junkie – Corona, CA
10. Mex Perú Gipsy – Los Angeles, CA

Photos: Yelp Elite Charlene C at Polas’s Mariscos, Anytime, Yelper Alex R at Holbox 

11. What the Fish Rolls – Tavernier, FL
12. Puerto 511 – Baltimore, MD
13. Ceviche Joe’s – Whittier, CA
14. Fuego Latino Gastropub – Georgetown, TX
15. Corazón Cocina – Santa Barbara, CA
16. Los Andes Restaurant – Providence, RI
17. Acevedos Hawaicano Cafe – Kahului, HI
18. Casa Zoraya – Portland, OR
19. Los Mariscos – New York, NY
20. Los Tortugo’s Seafood Market – Port Isabel, TX

Photos: Taco Nazo, Ceviches by Divino, Yelper Sheila A at Seven Lives Tacos 

1. Seven Lives Tacos y Mariscos – Toronto, ON
2. Bar Isabel – Toronto, ON
3. Blue Water Cafe – Vancouver, BC
4. Tiradito – Montréal, QC
5. Pinky’s Ca Phe – Toronto, ON