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Top 100 Restaurants In The Greater Toronto Area (GTA)

Hey, GTA! Have you ever been on your commute along the weary 400 series highways of the Greater Toronto Area, when suddenly hunger strikes. It starts as a mild discomfort, and then before long you’re ravenous and stuck not only in traffic, but on where to go. Well we’ve got a list worth checking out, because these are the ‘cream of the crop’ restaurants in the cities and towns outside the city of Toronto, according to Yelp!

Yelp has curated a list of the Top 100 Restaurants in the GTA to simplify the process of figuring out where you should set your GPS to when the munchies hit again. Using our handy Bookmark Collection feature, we’ve created the list so you can save it directly on the mobile Yelp App!  Take advantage of the summer heat and make your own bookmark collection and visit as many of the Top 100 as possible for the first time as part of “Summer of Yelp Top 100 Challenge” and check off businesses from the list you’ve already been to (or choose to visit again).

We’ve listed places that serve anything from tacos to ramen and everything in between. So, go ahead and check it out!

Methodology: This is a list of the best restaurants in the Greater Toronto Area of 2017 according to Yelp. The Greater Toronto Area refers to the suburbs around Toronto, in the 905 area code. All the businesses on this list are in the Restaurant or Food categories on Yelp and are where one can enjoy a full meal. “Best” is measured using an algorithm that looks at the number of reviews and star rating for all businesses.

  1.  Muncheez (Markham)

  2.  Charlotte’s Homemade Goodies (Mississauga)

    Charlottes Homemade Goodies
  3.  Chip+Malt (Newmarket)

  4.  Ancila’s Indian Cuisine (Mississauga)

    Ancila’s Indian Cuisine
  5.  Ay Caramba, Eh (Vaughan)

    Ay, Carambah-Eh
  6.  Rick’s Good Eats (Mississauga)

    Rick’s Good Eats
  7.  Pho Ngoc Yen Restaurant (Mississauga)

    Pho Ngoc Yen Restaurant
  8.  Sushi Wa (Vaughan)

  9.  The Halifax Donair & Pizza (Milton)

    The Halifax Donair
  10.  Taste Of Naples Pizzeria (Vaughan)

    Taste Of Naples
  11.  Pita Golden Pocket (Vaughan)
  12.  Maro’s (Oakville)
  13.  Rapscallion Rogue Eatery (Hamilton)
  14.  Just Braise Sandwiches (Oakville)
  15.  Monastery Bakery & Delicatessen (Oakville)
  16.  Memphis BBQ (Woodbridge)
  17.  Shawarmaland (Aurora)
  18.  Stoney’s Bread Company (Oakville)
  19.  541 Eatery & Exchange (Hamilton)
  20.  Sushi Aoi (Richmond Hill)

    Sushi Aoi
  21.  Sushi Park (Mississauga)
  22.  Pokeh (Hamilton)
  23.  Mother’s Deli & Bakery (Markham)
  24.  Peter’s Fine Dining Steak and Seafood (Markham)
  25.  Sushi Masayuki (Burlington)
  26.  Quatrefoil Restaurant (Hamilton)
  27.  Jim Chai Kee (Richmond Hill)
  28.  Azyun Restaurant (Markham)
  29.  The Goulash House (Newmarket)
  30.  Almonasabah (Mississauga)

  31.  Grill Daddy (Milton)
  32.  Mythos (Burlington)
  33.  Royal Jade (Vaughan)
  34.  Little Saigon (Richmond Hill)
  35.  Earth To Table: Bread Bar (Hamilton)
  36.  Tinh Tam Trai (Vaughan)
  37.  Mi Ne Sushi (Aurora)
  38.  Bombay Touch (Vaughan)
  39.  Fresh Burger (Richmond Hill)
  40.  Sushi House (Brampton)

    Sushi House
  41.  Sushi Omigoto (Mississauga)
  42.  Inspire Restaurant (Markham)
  43.  Shawarmarama (Oakville)
  44.  Briskit Gourmet Slow Cooked Sandwiches (Brampton)
  45.  Wasabi & Teriyaki (Oakville)
  46.  Pizza Break (Vaughan)
  47.  Applestone Pizzeria (Burlington)
  48.  The Maharaja (Mississauga)
  49.  Lazio Italian Bakery (Mississauga)
  50.  Sam’s Congee Delight (Markham)

    Sam’s Congee Delight
  51.  Oaza Shawarma Plus (Mississauga)
  52.  Chez Talal (Newmarket)
  53.  Raw Aura (Mississauga)
  54.  Charred Chicken (Hamilton)
  55.  Bodira Cafe and Fine Foods (Markham)
  56.  Hungry Brew Hops (Newmarket)
  57.  Zesty Pita & Burgers (Burlington)
  58.  Porchetta Roll (Mississauga)
  59.  Amy’s Fish & Chips (Richmond Hill)
  60.  Cho Sun Ok (Markham)

    Cho Sun OK
  61.  Chilli Chicken House (Mississauga)
  62.  Aneal’s Taste of the Islands (Richmond Hill)
  63.  Rayhoon Persian Eatery (Burlington)
  64.  Main St Greek (Markham)
  65.  Zen Gardens (Mississauga)
  66.  Pizza Nostra (Mississauga)
  67.  Shawarma Stop (Markham)
  68.  Sugar Hut (Richmond Hill)
  69.  Blackstone Steakhouse and Grill (Mississauga)
  70.  Mississauga Marketplace Fish & Chips (Mississauga)

    Mississauga Marketplace Fish & Chips
  71.  Holy Smokez BBQ Sandwiches (Mississauga)
  72.  Fsh & Chp (Hamilton)
  73.  The Golden Pheasant (Mississauga)
  74.  The Ship (Hamilton)
  75.  Chat Hut (Mississauga)
  76.  The Pho Restaurant (Markham)
  77.  That’s Italian Ristorante (Woodbridge)
  78.  Guru Lukshmi (Mississauga)
  79.  Paper Crane (King City)
  80.  Louie’s Diner (Milton)

    Louie’s Diner
  81.  Sikgaek (Mississauga)
  82.  Bento Boy (Richmond Hill)
  83.  Big Bone BBQ & Wicked Wings (Newmarket)
  84.  Hakka Urban Bistro (Vaughan)
  85.  Son Of A Peach (Burlington)
  86.  Boon Burger (Burlington)
  87.  Buk Chang Dong Soon Tofu (Mississauga)
  88.  Hambrgr (Hamilton)
  89.  Paradiso Restaurant (Burlington)
  90.  Toast Delight (Markham)

    Toast Delight
  91.  Saint James Espresso Bar & Eatery (Hamilton)
  92.  Chuck’s Chicken Plus (Aurora)
  93.  Sarpa (Richmond Hill)
  94.  Kura Sushi (Mississauga)
  95.  Lulu’s Shawarma (Hamilton)
  96.  Bijoy’s Restaurant (Aurora)
  97.  Mi Ne Japanese Restaurant (Richmond Hill)
  98.  Korean Food Express (Markham)
  99.  Shandra’s Roti Shop (Mississauga)
  100.  Mi’hito Sushi Laboratory (Mississauga)

    Mi’hito Sushi Laboratory