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Top 10 rooftop bars in the US and Canada

Spring cocktails on a rooftop bar

Looking for us? We’re busy celebrating the arrival of spring at our nearest rooftop bar. Seize the sunshine and join the party by searching “rooftop bars” on Yelp. To help you out, we pulled data to find the top rooftop bars in the US and Canada according to reviewers. Be sure to bookmark them on Yelp for future vacation inspiration. The shimmering skyline views, refreshing drinks, and al fresco dining will be sure to woo you.

Methodology: This is an all-time list of bars in the US and Canada that mentioned the word “roof” in their reviews on Yelp and are not part of a national chain. We then ranked those spots using a number of factors including the total volume and ratings of reviews.


Carson Kitchen – Las Vegas, NV

On a nice evening, you can sit on the roof and enjoy our lovely Vegas weather with a beautiful bar and staff members who will suggest the perfect brew for your tastebuds.” – Kimberly F on Yelp

Breakfast, brunch, and cocktails
Photo by business on Yelp 

The Garage Bar & Sandwiches – Chicago, IL

This place has a rooftop deck, darts, and plenty of TVs to watch the game. It can get crowded on the weekends, but is still a great little place to enjoy a drink. I definitely will keep coming back.” – EJ J on Yelp

Rooftop deck with comfortable furniture
Photo by business on Yelp 

Three OAK Steakhouse – Easton, PA

Check out the second and third floor before or after dinner. You might enjoy a drink at the bar on the second floor, and after dinner, move up to the rooftop lounge, which has a sliding glass roof, for a drink and an amazing view of the night sky. Check it out! If you are planning to dine here on weekends, I recommend making a reservation in advance.” – James G on Yelp

Rooftop lounge
Photo by business on Yelp 

Krueger’s Tavern – Cincinnati, OH

There’s always pleasant wait staff and consistent food… If you’re lucky enough to be seated out on the roof, you’re in for a real treat. They’re known for their burgers, but everything on the menu is worth trying.” – Eric W on Yelp

Rooftop bar with twinkle lights and a view
Photo by Huw S on Yelp 

Our Wicked Lady – Brooklyn, NY

The roof deck was a pleasant surprise. We ended up spending most of the night enjoying it up there and trying a bunch of different drinks.” – Matt D on Yelp

Rooftop bar with twinkle lights and picnic tables
Photo by business on Yelp 

Burwell’s Stone Fire Grill – Charleston, SC

They have a modern rooftop bar with tasty appetizers and craft cocktails, outstanding steak and seafood selections, plus their own pastry chef.” – Carol G on Yelp

Rooftop bar with outdoor seating
Photo by business on Yelp 

Kettner Exchange – San Diego, CA

If you’re in the mood for good vibes, great-tasting, shared-style cuisine, fun drinks, and a live DJ all on an open-air rooftop, Kettner is your place! Top tip – for a sundown experience, make a reservation between 5pm and 6pm. You’ll be able to experience the rooftop as the day turns from day to night.” – Yelp Elite Mark M

Rooftop patio with a bar
Photo by the business on Yelp

Lumi – San Diego, CA

After checking in at the hostess stand on the sidewalk, we were escorted into an elevator for a ride up to the fourth floor, which was the building’s roof level. The outdoor setting was very spacious, with a large bar near the front and a sushi bar towards the back.” – Yelp Elite Emmett T

Rooftop bar with sushi
Photo by the business on Yelp


The Mugshot Tavern – Toronto, ON

Finally made it into The Mugshot. They remodeled the place with great mugshots of famous people… It’s a good atmosphere (with) a great rooftop patio.” – Joey S on Yelp

Rooftop bar with chicken & waffles breakfast
Photo by the business on Yelp

The Chase – Toronto, ON

The roof-level seating and outside patio have beautiful views and the staff were quick and very attentive.” – Abe K on Yelp

Rooftop bar in Toronto
Photo by Elite Jonny M on Yelp