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The top 10 delis in San Mateo County

Ham or turkey? Sourdough or dutch crunch? However you like your sandwich, we can all agree that sandwiches are the quintessential lunch item. To celebrate National Sandwich Day on November 3, we’re shining light on the top 10 delis in San Mateo County in 2021.

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Methodology: This is a list of the top Deli Spots in San Mateo County for 2021. We identified businesses in the deli category on Yelp, then ranked those businesses using a number of factors including the total volume and ratings of reviews between January 1st, 2021 and October 27th, 2021. This list looked at businesses in San Mateo County. All businesses were marked open on Yelp as of October 28, 2021.

“Perfect sandwiches that are massive and somehow you cannot stop eating them. Wolfed half a roast beef and half a turkey down in 10 minutes. The bread is ridiculously fresh and fluffy, and the meats are top quality, as are the cheeses.” – Bonnie G. on Yelp
“I have no idea what heaven this deli fell down from, but I am so grateful it did! It is now my go-to lunch spot! So far I’ve tried the chicken pesto sandwich and the dry salami sandwich and both of them were mouthwateringly good!” – Bun B. on Yelp
The sandwiches range from all types of meats – ham, prosciutto, salami, roast beef, turkey, etc… the list is amazing! They are also generous with the amount of meat provided… The garlic sauce they have is really tasty too – I would definitely come here again and ask for extra garlic sauce.” – Nicole G. on Yelp
“My first time coming in was so amazing, I came back the next two days as well. The sandwiches were all very fresh, and included ingredients hard to find at other sandwich shops. The soup was also very good, and a bargain when combined with a sandwich.” – Ben L. on Yelp
“They make the best sandwiches and it’s all in their signature garlic sauce. Their prices are very reasonable too. I always get the veggie #1 which comes with three different kinds of cheeses, avocado, and veggies.” – Sheila P. on Yelp
“Love this place. Great roast beef with everything sandwich…toasted dutch crunch with the garlic sauce to top it off if you want to treat yo self.  Low maintenance, quick turn around, smaller lines than other popular sandwich shops and a great chips selection.” – Vince L. on Yelp
“This is the only place I will get a deli sandwich! It’s all about the fresh sourdough roll or yummy dutch crunch, and of course the best garlic sauce! Mike roasts his famous turkey and roast beef everyday.” – Dina C. on Yelp
“Best sandwiches ever! Huge sizes with generous amounts of meat, lots of free veggie add-ons, and great flavor combos. They just added an ordering kiosk which makes it super easy to order and includes helpful photos of all the sandwiches.” – Victoria S. on Yelp
“We tried their the bbq brisket and the pulled pork on dutch crunch, sandwiches are about $10 and come as a huge portion. This is a perfect place for picking up some picnic essentials before heading to the beach!” – Em L. on Yelp
“I definitely recommend the mojo sandwich. Smoked, pulled pork accompanied by bigger, super tended chunks of ham, with melty Swiss cheese, tomato, pickle, red onion, and a spicy Cuban mojo sauce, all served on a perfectly toasted roll.” Samantha B. on Yelp

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