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The Most Photographed Public Art on Yelp

Whether you’re a seasoned artist, you dabble with paint and brushes, or you simply prefer to appreciate from afar, art is a wonderful way to spice up your time at home while social distancing. To get your creative juices flowing, keep scrolling for a list of twenty pieces of the most photographed public art on Yelp. Legs need a nice stretch? Is fresh air calling your name? Do a quick search on Yelp for public art near you and go for a stroll, snap a few pictures, and let your friends in on a little secret… art is everywhere and you can find it on Yelp!

Note: With Coronavirus-related closures changing daily, we suggest confirming these attractions are open prior to visiting. 

  1. With almost 7,000 photos on Yelp, it’s no surprise that our top spot goes to the famous Wynwood Walls in Miami, Florida. Established in 2009, Wynwood Walls was the first outdoor street art museum in the nation. If you’re a big art fan, you better bookmark on Yelp and add to your bucket list because Yelp Elite Anna V. describes it as “Out of this world amazing!” Be sure to visit once they open up after stay-at-home orders are lifted.

 Photo by Yelper Elle M.

2. This next piece of art is perfect for visiting during times of social distancing. Located out in the desert near Las Vegas, Nevada, the Seven Magic Mountains installation is colorful and giant in size. Visitors get really creative with their photography here with over 3,000 photos shared to Yelp featuring different angles and times of day.

Photo by Yelper Yvette L.         Photo by Yelper Lavanya N.

3. Salvation Mountain is the second piece of public art on this list that’s featured out in the middle of the desert, only this time the experience is in California. Made out of natural materials such as adobe clay, straw, and a vibrant array of colorful paint, Salvation Mountain has many fun photo opportunities for professionals and amateurs alike. While currently closed, definitely bookmark on Yelp for a future visit!

Photo by Yelper Kara M.

4. Lurking beneath the Aurora Bridge you will find the Fremont Troll, a large cement sculpture made in 1990 and inspired during an art competition in an effort to clean up the neighborhood. Thirty years laters it’s a stop on any tourists’ list of places to snap a selfie  in Seattle. 

Photo by Yelp Elite Vanessa K. 

5. Bushwick Collective is a well known graffiti and street art project in Brooklyn and it’s clear by the five star rating on Yelp that it’s a sight to see. Word on the street is there are several walking tours available, perfect for getting behind the scenes information on the artwork displayed. 

Photo by Yelper William S.             Photo by Yelper Allana D.       

6. Next on the list is the Balmy Street Murals, located in the heart of San Francisco’s Mission District. Balmy Alley started back in the 1980’s inspired by artists’ outrage over human rights and political issues. Today, the alley is still going strong and features a variety of different styles of artwork with new murals going up all the time. 

Photo by Yelper Christie I. 

7. If you’re looking for an adventure, then jump in the car and cruise on out to the Anza Borrego Desert and explore the Galleta Meadows Estate. You’ll find amazing sculptures of prehistoric animals created by artist Ricardo Breceda. Not only can you easily social distance from other visitors but it’s a totally free experience!

Photo by Yelper Rob S.          Photo by Yelper Shanon Y.     Photo by Yelper Thuy N. 

8. With hundreds of photos uploaded to Yelp, Crown Fountain is more than a piece of public art, but an interactive experience for the entire family. Find the fountain in Millennium Park in Chicago, take off your shoes and splash around a bit! Your inner child will appreciate the cool down from the hot summer sun. While currently closed through April 30th, 2020, we hope you’re able to catch a glimpse of the fountain soon!

Photo by Yelper Brandi I. 

9. The Kamehameha Statue stands tall and proud in the courtyard of Aliiolani Hale located in downtown Honolulu. King Kamehameha is one of Hawaii’s most beloved heroes and is celebrated every year on June 11th. Many visit and drape the statue in colorful leis in his honor. 

Photo by Yelper Jessica P. 

10.  Art and creativity collide in the streets of Astoria at the Welling Court Mural Project. Over 150 artists from New York and beyond have left their mark of contemporary art here over the past ten years. Yelpers deem it a “must-see” if you’re visiting or happen to be in the area. Not on the east coast? Browse through more than 250 photos shared on Yelp and enjoy from the comfort of your couch and comfy pants. 

Photos by Yelp Elite Harish V. 

11. Houston, Texas is home to Twilight Epiphany Skyspace created by artist James Turrell. Visit when the sun is shining bright and you may be left bewildered. Stop by when the sun is rising or setting and you’ll be greeted by a LED light show which is projected onto the ceiling and creates a colorful glow for all to see. The pavilion is closed at the moment, so be sure to check their website before visiting. 

Photo by Yelp Elite Carolyn H. Photo by Farran M.

12. Texas scored back to back spots on this list thanks to the Essex Modern City in San Antonio. Described as good design and technology combined, this project has brought together authors, craftsmen, and artists alike! While events in this space may be on hold for a while, the art here is free to enjoy between the hours of 9AM to 5PM Monday through Friday. 

Photo by Yelper Mona V.                            Photo by Yelp Elite Tasha S. 

13. The Duke Kahanamoku Statue is known for welcoming visitors to Kuhio Beach in Waikiki and is often found adorned in colorful leis. This bronze statue honors the Olympic gold medalist, Duke Paoa Kahanamoku and his love for the water, surfing, and canoeing.

Photo by Yelp Elite Cris I. 

14. Established in 2015, the Coney Art Walls were created by thirty talented artists and is described as a free outdoor art museum. Yelper Teresa S. says “I literally stopped in my tracks and took my phone out for some pictures…” These walls are vibrant, eccentric, and the perfect backdrop for live music, rides, and tasty eats nearby. 

Photo by Yelp Elite Alyssa R. 

15. Rachel the Pig is a bronze sculpture known as the guardian of Pike Place Market in Seattle and weighs in at a whopping 550 pounds. Whether you’re snapping an artsy picture or jumping on Rachel’s back for a cool selfie, she’s known to be patient when it comes to the paparazzi. 

Photo by Yelper Kay G. Photo by Yelp Elite Sherill Y. 

16. Is anyone surprised the Greetings from Austin Postcard Mural snuck in and landed the number sixteen spot on this list? Yeah, we didn’t think so. In an artsy city like Austin, there’s a lot of creativity to enjoy and this mural makes for a stellar photo-op. 

Photo by Yelp Elite John L. 

17. How about a round of applause for Alley Gallery in Louisville, KY for representing the midwest with their repurposed alley and back-of-the-building metal door art. Best explored on foot or by bicycle, this creative corner of Louisville features work from several local artists. 

Photo by Yelp Elite Christopher S.                 Photo by Yelp Elite Janet V. 

18. We’re mixing things up with this next piece of public art! The International Car Forest of the Last Church brings together a rural environment, roughly three dozen old buses and rusty limos, and a whole lot of paint. Pro tip – If planning a visit, definitely reference Yelp for the ins and outs of the forest. While viewing this public art is free, there are no amenities and even official signage is amiss. 

Photo by Yelper Robert K. Photo By Yelper Janet H. 

19. Carmel, Indiana is lucky to have their own hub for talented artists at the Carmel Arts and Design District located in the heart of Old Town Carmel. Home to the work of many artists, this area of town is best explored by foot. Don’t be surprised if you run into a few friendly statues during your adventure. 

Photo by Yelp Elite Ken N. Photo by Yelp Elite Paisley T.  Photo by Yelp Elite Marianne S. 

20. Closing out our list is Chagall’s Four Seasons, which includes more than 250 colors and portrays a mosaic of six different scenes of Chicago. Fun fact: this design was created in France and then transferred and installed with the help of a local mosaicist (yep, that’s a real thing, folks). 

Photo by Yelp Elite Helene S. Photo by Yelp Elite Brandon C. 

Most Photographed Public Art on Yelp Methodology: This is an all-time list of the most photographed public art in the U.S. according to Yelp. We identified businesses in relevant business categories and ranked them based on the number of photos uploaded to Yelp. We included up to three businesses per state for geographic diversity.