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The most photo-worthy places to eat in the U.S. and Canada, according to Yelp

Bottega Louie, Los Angeles by Yelper Paprika M.

As we like to say at Yelp, “The camera eats first!” With World Photography Day approaching, we asked our trusty Yelp data scientists to point-and-shoot us towards the most photo-worthy places to eat.

If you’re a snap-happy Yelper, you’ve come to the right place! Join us on a foodie journey to the most photographed restaurants across the United States and Canada. From mouthwatering mushroom toast and burrata pizza, to tempting tacos and artisan ice cream, every taste, dining experience, and photo op will be satisfied. 

You’ll find the most photo-worthy, drool-worthy spots in this list—from trendy rooftop bars and bistros in Brooklyn to popular coffee shops and cocktail bars in Toronto—and don’t forget the noods (pics of noodles, that is)!

Check out this list and get ready to snap some insta-worthy selfies while savoring matcha milkshakes, Mediterranean appetizers, luscious cinnamon buns, and more at your new favorite eateries.

Methodology: This is an all-time list of the Most Photographed Restaurant in each State and Canadian Province according to Yelp. To come up with this list, we identified restaurants on Yelp, then ranked them based on how frequently users submit photos.  This list looked at businesses in the United States and Canada. All businesses were marked open on Yelp as of July 12, 2022.

The Most Photo-worthy Places to Eat in Every State

1. Bacchanal Buffet (Las Vegas, Nevada) – 32,658 photos

Bacchanal Buffet, Las Vegas by Yelper Stephanie C.

Cuisine: International buffet

What they’re known for: Premium buffet picks like prime rib, king crab legs, and lamb chops.

Yelpers say: “Bacchanal Buffet is the largest buffet I’ve ever seen. The total amount of food they have here is simply overwhelming. From the basic to unique. Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Mexican, Italian, salads, meats galore, seafoods hot and cold. My favorite dishes – hot crab legs and cherrywood bacon. Most exotic dishes – octopus with caviar and bone marrow. Favorite desserts – all of them!” – Yelp Elite Jeff W.

2. Bottega Louie (Los Angeles, California) – 30,817 photos

Bottega Louie, Los Angeles by Yelper Mohib Q.

Cuisine: Breakfast, Italian food, and desserts

What they’re known for: Smoked salmon eggs benedict, portobello mushroom fries, and burrata pizza.

Yelpers say: “In the restaurant part of the shop, I got the carbonara while my friends tried the trenne. I think the food was so good that we spent the majority of the time quietly eating our dinner. It was probably the best carbonara [I’ve had] in a really long time. Right next to the restaurant portion of the shop is the dessert shop. The desserts and macarons are expensive but are very well crafted and made. I think they make great gifts for someone or a treat for yourself. Husband and I shared the lemon tart and gifted the coffee caramel to my mom. The coffee caramel made my mom’s day.” – Yelp Elite Lisa M.

3. Marugame Udon (Honolulu, Hawaii) – 17,500 photos

Marugami Udon, Honolulu by Yelper Lyn S.

Cuisine: Japanese

What they’re known for: Udon, including curry, niku, kake, and nikutama udon dishes.

Yelpers say: “There’s always a huge lineup here and you’ll know why! Incredibly fresh udon, large portions and an affordable price. I had their curry nikutame udon which was sooo delicious! Nicely flavored curry with a soft boiled egg and their perfect udon. Also on the menu is their most popular nikutame udon with a super flavorful broth. I can see why it’s so popular! Also had their beef udon and their cold udon garlic chicken salad.” – Yelp Elite Kelven W.

4. Girl & The Goat (Chicago, Illinois) – 15,852 photos

Girl & The Goat, Chicago by Yelper Khin H.

Cuisine: Global cuisine

What they’re known for: Sharing dishes including their goat empanadas, woodfired lamb ribs, and pan roasted halibut.

Yelpers say: “​​They brought everything out in courses so we would get to try the lightest dishes first and progress from there. I loved the salmon poke, which had a bunch of textures and flavors going on including soft salmon, chili crunch, tangy strawberries, and rich avocado. Also loved the chicken with chili crunch and glass noodles with citrus notes. I’ll definitely need to buy some of that chili crunch at a local supermarket (which they actually sell by the way). If you’re familiar with Indian food, the chickpea fritters dish is basically chaat. Amazing experience!” – Yelp Elite Sarah A.

5. Katz’s Delicatessen (New York, New York) – 13,727 photos

Katz’s Delicatessen, New York by Yelper Paul A.

Cuisine: New York delicatessen

What they’re known for: Being New York’s oldest delicatessen. Try their famous pastrami and matzoh ball soup.

Yelpers say: “Honestly, their pastrami is something else. The way it was cut reminded me of brisket, but the pastrami was juicy and tender. I don’t usually like pastrami, but Katz made me a fan. It had tons of flavor and I liked the cucumber/pickle you get on the side to munch with your sandwich. For my pastrami to-go, I appreciated how it was already frozen and vacuum sealed which was perfect for my flight home.” – Yelp Elite Michelle T.

6. Founding Farmers (Washington DC) – 12,709 photos

Founding Farmers, Washington DC by Yelper Mythili M.

Cuisine: Traditional American, farm to table

What they’re known for: American favorites like Yankee pot roast, chicken pot pie, and herb-crusted prime rib.

Yelpers say: “If you’re in town and looking to satisfy many of those home cooking cravings, strike up a revolution with those you traveled with and stay away from those large chain places. I myself traveled with co-workers and my only regret was that I did not sneak a bite off each of their plates because they all looked amazingly tasty. I myself sought to get a sample of many flavors and tried the Farmhouse Platter. The chili dog was by far my favorite followed by the corn and burgers. If you want a balance of many flavors this dish is for you.” – Yelp Elite Derick M.

7. Acme Oyster House (New Orleans, Louisiana) – 10,190 photos

Acme Oyster House, New Orleans by Yelper

Cuisine: Cajun and Creole seafood

What they’re known for: Oysters, of course!

Yelpers say: “I admit it: I never liked oysters until I tried them here. Then I couldn’t get enough, as you will see in my other reviews of New Orleans restaurants. The chargrilled oysters with garlic butter sauce and romano cheese completely lived up to all the hype, and the raw oysters were ridiculously good as well. This is also a great place to get some filling yummy in the tummy (I recommend the seafood gumbo) for cheap. A great seafood meal for less than $20? Yes, please!” – Yelp Elite Nancy C.

8. Screen Door Eastside (Portland, Oregon) – 8,753 photos

Cuisine: Breakfast, brunch and Southern and Creole food

What they’re known for: Fried chicken sandwich and praline bacon.

Yelpers say: “We started off with the beet salad and let me tell you what, that was the best dang salad I’ve had in my life. I ordered a delicious blood orange mimosa and my partner had the coffee with brandy. Both were fantastic. I ordered the fish and grits and initially my partner ordered the Benedict. BUT, after seeing the kitchen slinging chicken and waffles after chicken and waffles, we figured that must be what their bread and butter (pun intended) was, so he changed his order. The server was gracious enough to do so. And we did not regret it one bit! We also had the bacon pralines and there’s nothing like it. We’re definitely coming back and bringing visitors next time.” – Yelp Elite Theresa A.

9. Piroshky Piroshky (Seattle, Washington) – 8,430 photos

Piroshky Piroshky, Seattle by Yelper Claire W.

Cuisine: Russian bakery

What they’re known for: Serving over 20 varieties of sweet and savory piroshki (Russian hand pies).

Yelpers say: “My favorite pirozhok was the smoked salmon pate. I loved the smokiness and saltiness of the salmon. The dill and lemon flavors cut through the pate, which was so tasty. It had just the perfect amount of filling, and the pastry itself was soft and chewy. The potato and cheese pirozhok was also good, but it was heavier than the salmon. The potatoes were like hash browns, and it was very cheesy. The dough tasted just like the salmon pate’s but just in a different shape.” – Yelper Jeanne K.

10. Versailles Restaurant (Miami, Florida) – 8,208 photos

Versailles Restaurant, Miami by Yelper Allison C.

Cuisine: Cuban

What they’re known for: They say they are known as The World’s Most Famous Cuban Restaurant®.

Yelpers say: “Definitely a reason this place is so famous: great for groups, delicious Cuban food, and really amazing service. The ceviche was SO good. The balance of citrus and salt was perfect and the fish was so fresh. I can’t recommend the steak sandwich or Cuban enough. Being an authentic Cuban food neophyte, I can only go by how much I enjoyed the food, but friends and locals remark how good the bread is. The guava cheesecake we had for dessert was REALLY a surprise. The guava jelly was a very good layer to the rich cheesecake and I LOVED the crust. All in all, this is 100% worth the wait and the food is very, very good, would recommend to anyone visiting!” – Yelper Andrew G.

11. Neptune Oyster (Boston, Massachusetts) – 6,923 photos

12. Poor Calvin’s (Atlanta, Georgia) – 6,883 photos

13. Hattie B’s Hot Chicken (Nashville, Tennessee) – 6,503 photos

14. Terry Black’s Barbecue (Austin, Texas) – 6,452 photos

15. Reading Terminal Market (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) – 6,029 photos

16. Eventide Oyster Company (Portland, Maine) – 5,760 photos

17. Mitsuwa Marketplace (Edgewater, New Jersey)  – 5,059 photos

18. Husk (Charleston, South Carolina) – 4,338 photos

19. Milk & Honey Cafe (College Park, Maryland) – 4,172 photos

20. Q39 Midtown (Kansas City, Missouri) – 3,786 photos

21. Hash Kitchen Gainey Ranch (Scottsdale, Arizona) – 3,776 photos

22. Founding Farmers (Tysons, Virginia) – 3,718 photos

23. Sierra Nevada Taproom (Mills River, North Carolina) – 3,690 photos

24. Denver Biscuit Co. (Denver, Colorado) – 3,661 photos

25. Joe’s Kansas City Bar-B-Que (Kansas City, Kansas) – 3,299 photos

26. Milktooth (Indianapolis, Indiana) – 3,127 photos

27. Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana (New Haven, Connecticut) – 3,015 photos

28. Los Andes Restaurant (Providence, Rhode Island) – 2,885 photos

29. Glacier BrewHouse (Anchorage, Alaska) – 2,591 photos

30. Spoon and Stable (Minneapolis, Minnesota) – 2,332 photos

31. Cafe Kacao (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma) – 2,006 photos

32. Oscar’s Cafe (Springdale, Utah) – 1,926 photos

33. Zingerman’s Delicatessen (Ann Arbor, Michigan) – 1,914 photos

34. Maplewood Kitchen and Bar (Cincinnati, Ohio) – 1,914 photos

35. Doc Crow’s Southern Smokehouse and Raw Bar (Louisville, Kentucky) – 1,870 photos

36. Barbacoa Grill (Boise, Idaho) – 1,581 photos

37. Pantry Restaurant (Santa Fe, New Mexico) – 1,543 photos

38. Plank Seafood Provisions (Omaha, Nebraska) – 1,529 photos

39. St Paul Fish Company (Milwaukee, Wisconsin) – 1,479 photos

40. Zombie Burger + Drink Lab (Des Moines, Iowa) – 1,458 photos

41. Dogfish Head Brewings & Eats (Rehoboth Beach, Delaware) – 1,440 photos

42. The Gulf (Orange Beach, Alabama) – 1,421 photos

43. The Shed BBQ & Blues Joint (Ocean Springs, Mississippi) – 1,396 photos

44. Snake River Brewing (Jackson, Wyoming) – 1,242 photos

45. The Farmhouse Tap & Grill (Burlington, Vermont) – 1,022 photos

46. Wall Drug Store (Wall, South Dakota) – 1,011 photos

47. The Friendly Toast (Portsmouth, New Hampshire) – 936 photos

48. Superior Bathhouse Brewery (Hot Springs, Arkansas) – 911 photos

49. Hillbilly Hot Dogs (Lesage, West Virginia) – 812 photos

50. Montana Ale Works (Bozeman, Montana) – 649 photos

51. Würst Bier Hall (Fargo, North Dakota) – 330 photos

The Most Photo-worthy Places to Eat in Each Canadian Province

1. Miku (Vancouver, British Columbia) – 5,183 photos

Miku, Vancouver by Yelper Wendy T.

Cuisine: Japanese and sushi

What they’re known for: Aburi sushi.

Yelpers say: “I’ve been to Miku a few times, and their salmon oshi aburi and green tea opera cake are always delicious and consistent. It’s no wonder they’re known for those items. I highly recommend visiting during lunch and grabbing their Miku Zen. Otherwise, everything I had in this post was absolutely scrumptious and perfect options for dinner! The chicken was super tender. The seafood platter was super fresh and chilled just right, and the flavors of the sauce mixture on the Hokkaido scallops worked very well together! I loved the creaminess and bite to it. The ebi fritters are always a solid choice but the green tea opera and aburi always takes the cake for me whenever I’m here. – Yelp Elite Terisa D.

2. Pai Northern Thai Kitchen (Toronto, Ontario) – 4,260 photos

Pai Northern Thai, Toronto by Yelper Trinh T.

Cuisine: Thai

What they’re known for: Authentic Thai cuisine, specializing in Thai street food and dishes from the northern Thai region.

Yelpers say: “I had the Khao Sai braised beef for lunch at the bar. The food came very quickly and the Khao Sai is braised in a sweet coconut-y sauce with garlic, spices, etc. The “broth” is so good I can basically drink it, and that I did. It also had these crunchy things on top that beautifully decorated it and always provided a neat textural experience when eating it. The braised beef was out of this world soft, my only gripe with it were the pieces of the beef were a little too big and I wish they cut them up smaller. All in all – this one dish made for a filling lunch! I definitely look forward to trying more things next time I’m here!” – Yelp Elite Alex L.

3. Schwartz’s (Montréal, Quebec) – 2,932 photos

Schwartz’s, Montréal by Yelper Dianna H.

Cuisine: Delicatessen

What they’re known for: Deli sandwiches and Montréal smoked meats.

Yelpers say: “When in Montréal, Schwartz’s still a must-go destination for smoked meat sandwiches. This institution has been around for nearly a century. The sandwich platters arrived with heaping portions of smoked meat. We happily consumed these with Coke while other tables added pickle on the side. The smoked meat was well-seasoned, moist and particularly flavourful in the fattier slices. Magic with some rye bread & mustard, that’s all you need!” – Yelp Elite Mike H.

4. Park Distillery (Banff, Alberta) – 1,018 photos

Park Distillery, Banff by Yelper Annette J.

Cuisine: New Canadian

What they’re known for: Being a restaurant and working distillery with campfire-inspired cuisine and glacier water spirits distilled in house.

Yelpers say: “Park Distillery offers a casual vibe. I ordered the park veggie bowl with crispy tofu, and my friends ordered the seared salmon and the tuna tataki salad. Everything tasted very fresh. The salmon was cooked perfectly! For my park veggie bowl, I was blown away by the beetroot hummus which was just so delightful with the falafel. Overall, I would recommend Park Distillery for good food and vibes.” – Yelp Elite Wen Na Z.

5. The Bicycle Thief (Halifax, Nova Scotia) – 652 photos

The Bicycle Thief, Halifax by Yelper Chris I.

Cuisine: Italian

What they’re known for: North American food with Italian soul, served in a fun casual environment right on the Halifax.

Yelpers say: “It was our first time visiting Halifax, so finding a reputable restaurant downtown was our goal. The Bicycle Thief absolutely blew us away. We sat outside with a gorgeous evening view of the harbor, and our waitress offered the most exceptional service. My partner and I shared the shrimp as our appetizer, and for entrees we ordered gnocchi – probably the best we’ve ever had. Don’t pass this one up if you’re looking for the best cuisine, location, and service!” – Yelper Taylor F.

  1. Blue Mussel Cafe (North Rustico, Prince Edward Island) – 316 photos
  2. Mallard Cottage (St. John’s, Newfoundland) – 290 photos
  3. The Pump House Brewery and Restaurant (Moncton, New Brunswick) – 206 photos
  4. Ayden Kitchen & Bar (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan) – 187 photos
  5. Clementine (Winnipeg, Manitoba) – 173 photos