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Chicago Gets The Elite Treatment From The Crab Pad In Logan Square

Every once in a while, one stumbles upon an incredibly memorable night. Maybe you’ve experienced this: You leave your home, ready to enjoy your evening, but what happens when you arrive at your destination is better than you could’ve dreamed: The drinks are flowing, the group dynamic is vibrant, and you’re at a new spot you’ve yet to enjoy, which turns out to be one of your favorite meals. For the Chicago Yelp Elite Squad, this was the kind of night that was had at The Crab Pad, when an intimate group of Yelpers were invited in for a special experience with the owner and staff of this Logan Square seafood gem.

When Elites arrived, they were greeted with a variety of drinks, including, but not limited to, The Crab Pad’s adorable and delicious limeade juice pouches and Old Style beer. The Crab Pad is BYOB, so Yelp brought shots of rum and vodka, in case people wanted to add them to their limeade pouches. Yelpers were sipping on spiked blood orange, mango, peach, or even strawberry limeade adult juice boxes, all of which quickly became the favorite drinks of the night.

After everyone settled in, owner Theresa Tran addressed the group, thanking everyone for attending (even though we truly need to thank her and her team for their generosity!), and telling everyone about the dream behind The Crab Pad. She also let everyone know how the food portion of the evening would happen: everyone would get to choose from headless shrimp, snow crab, and/or crawfish, while both an employee from The Crab Pad and Theresa assisted Elites in putting their seafood of choice in a bag. Then, each Elite could choose a sauce ranging from mild to hot, so they could experience their dinner Crab Pad-style.

Theresa and her team also made sure to set up sides on the long table at which everyone sat. Yelpers were able to easily help themselves to potatoes, corn, rice, and even green beans while munching on their seafood and enjoying the jovial atmosphere.

To top it all off, everyone in attendance was also given the opportunity to experience a treat from The Crab Pad’s ice cream business, Milk And Wood. Each guest was able to select an ice cream bar flavor, and add toppings ranging from cereal, to chocolate chips, to chocolate drizzle. A favorite choice among the group was the horchata ice cream bar and there was also a green tea Kit Kat option. Yum!

We had an incredible time with The Crab Pad, and we wholeheartedly would love to thank owner Theresa for her generosity and hospitality, along with her team, Cat, Vesha, and Lex. To check out all photos and reviews from the event, head to the Yelp event page here.

All photos in this post are by Yelp Chicago photographer, Miguel Tellez.

Special thank you to our sponsors for this wonderful five-star event:

The Crab Pad, Logan Square, Chicago | Pabst + Old Style Beer | Miguel Tellez Photography