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The days, weeks, and months have been flying by in 2020 and we can’t believe it’s already August. Being that we’re halfway through the year, we thought we’d take a moment and pause to reflect on everything we’re thankful for these days. Had you asked us this in summer 2019, we would have answered with something like “waterparks” or “music festivals.” This year our gratitude has shifted to the smaller pleasures of life: a refreshing cocktail delivery, a plumber who saved the day, or a magnificent metro park.

To spread the love and thank businesses for keeping our bellies full, homes afloat, and health top of mind, Yelpers on the Elite Squad have started writing thank you notes on Thursdays to businesses on Yelp. Over the past few months, the mention of #ThankYouThursday has appeared in over 500 reviews all over the continent. To get you inspired to pen your very first #ThankyouThursday review, keep scrolling for a few of our favorites. Be warned, as a few of these will likely pull at your heartstrings and may even get your tummy rumbling.

US Post Office, Fremont, CA – Yelp Elite Suki M.
Pots & Pans Pie, Indianapolis, IN – Yelp Elite Erika P. 

City Floral Garden Center, Denver CO – Yelp Elite Abby S.
Grandad’s Pizza, Columbus, OH – Yelp Elite Lori F.
Baltimore Washington Medical Center, Baltimore, MD – Yelp Elite Avionna Desh S.
Casa Azul, Buffalo, NY – Yelp Elite Alex L.

Do these thank you notes have you itching to write your next review and give thanks to an essential business near you? Go on and put those fingertips to work! If you enjoy giving thanks by writing thank you notes via reviews on Yelp, you may even be a good fit for the Yelp Elite Squad. Nominate yourself today and continue to support local businesses in your community throughout the rollercoaster that is 2020.