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Ten Incredible Food Experiences to Have in 2020

Here’s wishing you a year filled with tasty and memorable adventures. From the cranberry bogs of the northeast to the rustic countryside of the Pacific Northwest, these ten experiences are worth planning a trip for. 

Photo from business on Yelp.

1: Be a cheesemaker for a day.

Take a drive down a dirt road in rural Missouri for cheesemaking classes and rustic-chic hayloft suites at Cool Cow Cheese’s 160-year-old farmstead in Owensville (conveniently located between Missouri’s wine regions). 

Photo by Yelper Cassandra H.

2: Learn the ways of the lobstermen in Maine.

Have unforgettable excursion on the waters of Casco Bay while Lucky Catch Cruises guides you through the daily routines of a Maine Lobsterman. From hauling up the traps to soaking in the picturesque lighthouses views, you won’t forget this bucket list experience.

Photo by Yelper Stella Y.

3: Experience a Filipino feast.

Kamayan, which translates in Tagalog to “by hand” is otherwise known as a Filipino feast in which food is eaten off banana leaves at a communal table using zero utensils. Guests at Kalye Grill in Diamond Bar, CA. can rent out tables for this tasty and photo-worthy experience.

Photo from the business on Yelp

4: Visit America’s oldest, open air retail seafood market.

There is nothing more DC than biting into a fried whiting sandwich, cracking open a freshly steamed Maryland blue crab, and slurping up some oysters over a weathered railing! The Maine Avenue Fish Market (also known in these parts as The Wharf or by their stall names Captain White’s or Jessie Taylor’s) is America’s oldest, open air retail seafood market and has been around since the 19th century.

5: Eat fresh crawfish alongside the Mississippi River Bend.

Crawfish boil season is serious business in Louisiana. Roll up your sleeves at BOIL Seafood House in NOLA’s Garden District for a taste of tradition.

Photo by Yelper Ashley C

6: Eat your way through St.Paul, Minnesota’s Hmong Village.

Taste and explore the colorful culture of Hmong Village – an indoor marketplace full of 250 Hmong vendors selling produce, clothing and cuisine.

Photo from the business on Yelp

7: Celebrate the bounty of the Pacific Northwest with a thematic wine dinner.

The Herbfarm in Woodinville, Washington offers nine-course, seasonal dinners with tours of the gardens where they harvest the ingredients for the meals, animal encounters and con

Photo provided by the business on Yelp

8: Bike your way through Napa Valley.

With a little help from Napa Valley Bike Tours & Rentals, you can experience the vineyards up close with all five senses. Most routes follow flat to gently rolling roads that allow you to pedal just 3-5 miles between stops at unique, off-the-beaten-path wineries.

Photo by Yelper Chrissy Z.

9: Try your hand at chocolate making in San Francisco.

On Dandelion Chocolate‘s tour of the Mission District factory, you can taste various steps of the chocolate journey from bean to bar. Top off the tour by making your own batch of chocolate from scratch.

Photo from Yelper Logan J.

10: Slip on waders and try your hand at cranberry harvesting.

The visual splendor of seeing a bog firsthand is reason enough to add this experience to your bucket list for 2020. Learn how cranberries are grown and harvested with a hands-on tour at Stone Bridge Farm in Acushnet, MA.