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Ten of America’s Most Beautiful Cemeteries

Here lies Yelp’s top ten cemeteries from across the states, from elaborate headstones engraved with historical dates to architectural marvel surrounded by Heaven’s gates. Scroll on for ten of America’s most beautiful cemeteries according to Yelp.

Cave Hill Cemetery

Louisville, KY

Photo by Yelper Brad G

Yelp Insight:There are simple and elaborate graves. Small headstones. Large headstones. Mausoleums. An area designated for fallen soldiers. Headstones that make you stop and say… what the are you guys thinking? It echoes back to class, wealth, and just how full of themselves people are.” Yelper Brad G.

Lake View Cemetery

Cleveland, OH

Photo by Yelper Emily E.

Yelp Insight:Beautiful cemetery, knowledgeable docents, cool headstones and buildings, and some of the friendliest staff I have ever met, I would come back to this cemetery in a heartbeat…while I still have one.” Yelper Anna L.

Mount Hope Cemetery

Rochester, NY

Photo by Yelper Mary G.

Yelp Insight:I often visit this cemetery as it’s great for walking, sightseeing (sounds macabre) and just plain fascinating to explore. Some of the paths are smooth, flat and straight, while others are curvy, uneven and almost not visible. Also the headstones, crypts, and mausoleums are incredible to read and see.”  Yelper Jon B.

Crown Hill Funeral Home and Cemetery

Indianapolis, IN

Photo by Yelper Sophie S.

Yelp Insight:For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a love for the historical significance of old cemeteries. I can get lost roaming around them for hours, and at Crown Hill, getting lost is very easy to do. It’s 555 acres and has enough room for the next 200 years. So get in while you can!” Yelper Morgan D.

Bonaventure Cemetery

Savannah, GA

Photo by Yelper Kelsie K.

Yelp Insight: Slightly creepy and definitely old Bonaventure is about as historical as it gets. Home to some of truly historical old graves it is an architectural marvel. Some of the elaborate tombstones are just amazing. The fact that people put such elaborate elegance into their final resting place is jaw dropping. We enjoyed a great hike through this place looking at so many plots and tombstones from the most simplistic to monuments that thrust to the sky in complete defiance of wishing to stand intact forever.” Yelper Chadrick J.

Arlington National Cemetery

Arlington, VA

Photo by Yelper Yuko H.

Yelp Insight: “It’s hard to adequately describe a place that means so much to so many. The grounds are immaculately kept so it’s a beautiful place to walk around and reflect upon what the country means to you. It is hilly and includes some stairs/steps so be mindful if traveling with a group.” Yelper Emma P.


Brooklyn, NY

Photo by Yelper Nadia Z.

Yelp Insight:There’s so much history in between these gates. Beyond just who lies here. The Battle of Long Island on August 27, 1776 was seen from a peak here and there’s a Revolutionary War monument at this point which is about 200 feet above sea level. Don’t miss a stop here where you can view of Lady Liberty in the distance. Take your time, enjoy, and read all of the signs and markers! “ Yelper Sari Marissa G.

Sleepy Hollow Cemetery

Concord, MA

Photo by Yelper Mike C.

Yelp Insight:Majestic, serene and a throw back in time to a very different era lies the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery in Concord MA. In the rear on an elevated knoll are the family plots of Emerson, Thoreau, Hawthorne and Louisa May Alcott 19th century literary luminaries who helped shape the literature of that period. It is a beautiful solemn spot where devotees over the years have come to pay homage and leave little remembrances of their visits.” Yelper Don P.

Saint Louis Cemetery

New Orleans, LA

Photo by Yelper Amber V.

Yelp Insight: “Saint Louis Cemetery No 1 is the oldest cemetery in New Orleans. Founded in 1789 the cemetery houses the remains of several famous residents: Homer Plessy (civil rights), Marie Laveau (voodoo priestess), Bernard de Marigny and many others. Nicolas Cage’s weird pyramid plot is also here. He paid $250,000 for the site.” Yelper David G.

Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery

San Diego, CA

Photo by Yelper Catherine C.

Yelp Insight:This is arguably the most beautiful spot for a national cemetery in the country. Located high up on the Point Loma peninsula it overlooks the Pacific ocean on the west and the city of San Diego, the bay and harbors on the east. The scenic road that takes you there, splits down the middle of the cemetery. Enter on either side, park and you’ll see uniformed rows and rows of white tombstones signifying that national cemetery look.” Yelper Rob A.