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Spring home upkeep

With the onset of spring and the weather in many places beginning to warm, it can be a great time to tackle larger home projects in addition to the usual seasonal home maintenance. From interior projects to exterior and yard, let this seasonal list be your guide to make all your spring home dreams come true.

Home Interior projects and maintenance

Deep Cleaning

If you’ve spent much of the winter indoors, you might be feeling ready to spruce things up a bit. Whether digging in yourself or scheduling a home cleaning professional to help, spring offers a great time to give the inside of your home a little attention in the form of a deep cleaning.

Photo of Fort Collins Creek House Cleaning by the business

Deep clean carpets

Many professionals recommend professionally cleaning your carpets twice a year. Schedule a carpet cleaner to clean and deodorize your carpets.

Inspect and service air conditioning and replace HVAC filters

While spring has only just begun, the early summer heat is not too far behind. Be sure your air conditioning is in tip top shape for the warm season ahead by finding a local HVAC professional to inspect and service your air conditioning.

Exterior projects and home maintenance

Photo of Dunn-Edwards Paints – Rancho Santa Margarita by the business

Power wash porch and patio floors

After a season of snow, rain, and accumulated dust and dirt, spring is a great time to schedule power washing pros to have your porch floors, patio floors, and walks power washed. 

Bring patio furniture out of storage or purchase new patio furniture

Get ready for a season of outdoor dining, patio relaxing, and fire pit evenings by getting your patio furniture out of storage or heading to your local home improvement store to furnish your outdoor space for warm weather enjoyment.

Service lawn mower or hire a landscaper for lawn care

Time to get the lawn mower out and make sure it’s tuned up and ready to go! Find a local spot to have your lawn mower serviced or hire a lawn care expert to keep your lawn lush and green all season. 

Plant perennials 

Spring is the ideal time to plant perennials. Beautify your yard for the season to come with local blooms and leafy plants from your local nursery.

Repaint Exterior

Is your house paint in need of a refresh or are you longing for an entirely new color and look? Spring is the perfect time to schedule a local house painters to do the job.