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Spin Laundry Lounge Socks It To Yelp Portland!

There are cafés. There are bars. There are arcades. And there are laundromats. But in Portland, there are all four in one magical place. And that magical place is SPIN Laundry Lounge. Now with two locations in the Rose City, this inspiring business is committed to offering sustainable, eco-friendly, and clean energy laundry services to the PDX community – with a little flare.

It’s no wonder the Yelp Elite community of Portland wanted to support this awesome local business where you’re able to play some Galaga or sip a beer while your whites wash and dry. On Thursday, August 23rd, Yelp Elites were invited to a unique experience full of a (laundry) loads of fun. Along with complimentary bites and booze courtesy of SPIN, guests were also provided unlimited arcade fun, as well as a free wash and dry load of laundry. Yep, that’s right. Yelp Elites brought a load of laundry to an Elite event and got to work while they mingled, noshed, and made sock puppets!

Also on the list of fun was a sock-puppet-making station. Asked to bring their unmatched socks (you know we all have ’em!), guests had an opportunity to flex their creative muscles and create sock puppets. Armed with their own real personalities, real names (it’s all about authenticity on Yelp, after all), and their very own profile pic – the very fist Sock Puppet Yelp Elite Squad was formed. History in the making in the PDX!

Unmatched and matched socks alike were also donated to SPIN Laundry Lounge’s weekly service to providing socks and clothes left behind at the laundromat to the homeless population of Portland.

This incredible event wouldn’t have been possible without our wonderful event partners, SPIN Laundry Lounge and Ground Kontrol Classic Arcade. Please review the Yelp Elites and their guests’ reviews and pics here!