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Small Biz Spotlight: Kapow Noodle Bar in Broward-Palm Beach, FL

Scott Frielich is the owner of some of the most popular restaurants and nightlife venues in South Florida. We sat down to chat with him about his success, our community and one of his concepts, Kapow Noodle Bar.


Why did you decide to start your business? Tell us your backstory!

SubCulture Group has always had the philosophy of building local establishments focusing on art, music and culture aimed towards communities. When we opened Lost Weekend in South Beach back in the late 90s they told us we were crazy to open a vintage pool hall in a area known for mega clubs and bottle service, when we opened Dada in Delray they said we were crazy opening a block off the avenue, and you could only imaging what they told us when we announced an Irish Pub with live music opening in a shopping center more known for wealthy seniors!

The concept for Kapow came about after I kept reading about the noodle bar craze that was happening across the country, and being a fan of ramen and pho I decided to check out a few restaurants in NYC. When the space came available next door to our Irish Pub in Mizner Park, it  just seemed to all make sense!

After 5 great years in Boca Raton we decided to expand the concept with our 2nd location on Clematis Street in Downtown West Palm Beach , opening this July!

Why do you love doing business here in Broward-Palm Beach?

I spent most of my life growing up in South Florida, although many call this a place to vacation, I’m fortunate enough to call it home.

We operate in three major cities in Palm Beach County:

Boca Raton: I have always loved the atmosphere in Mizner Park, from the great shows at the amphitheater to the beautiful courtyard views. Plus, having a major university down the street and the amount of residential growth downtown has always made the area very appealing to us.

Delray Beach: The city has done such a great job in preserving the downtown area while keeping a local beach village feel, I consider it one of the best dining destinations in South Florida.

West Palm Beach: Maybe I’m a little partial since I opened my first location here, but with multiple residential projects underway, the Bright Line high-speed train project a few steps away from us, and multiple major hotels planned for the area, the future of Clematis Street has never looked brighter!

What’s the most helpful piece of customer feedback you’ve received?

All and any customer feedback is helpful! Its a must for growing our business, this is why we value tools like Yelp to help better our restaurants, whether its positive or negative feedback it’s how you use these tools to better your business that’s most important!

What’s your advice for other business owners or someone who wants to start a small business?

You must be passionate about what your doing; eat, sleep, and live your concept; and do your due diligence! …and of course a little luck never hurts!

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