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Sipping Pretty In SoBro

It’s that time of year again. Spring is when Music City takes off and showcases all it can do. In recent years, that means rooftops. Now, while there are many from which to choose, there’s only one that’s offering a signature Sunday Funday guaranteed to please your entire crew. City Tap House expanded – vertically – and launched CT10. Who better than to give the space a test run than the Yelp Nashville Elite Squad? Whereas City Tap House is known for its, um, taps… the drink program at CT10 is elevated — both literally and on the menu. Staying on-brand with its beer roots, CT10 delighted Elites with four different beer cocktails: Beermosa, Michelada, Shandy, and Float. Each cocktail came in a unique glass and each one was better than the last. Lest you think a Sunday Funday is all about drinking, guests were able to sample scrumptious bites, play cornhole, dance to infectious DJ beats, and take in one of the most spectacular views in all of SoBro. We know that seeing is believing so check out the reviews here and all the photos here. If delicious drinks, good music, ridiculous views, and stylish lounging is what’s to come this spring in Nashville… bring it on. One thing’s for certain, though: CT10 is where you’re going to want to go for a local feel for all of it.

Event Sponsors: City Tap House • CT10 • Tennessee Brew WorksDJ WarfieldBenjamin Gibbs Photography