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San Francisco Elites Enjoy Onigiri And Sake Pairing

In April, the San Francisco Yelp Elite Squad enjoyed a virtual onigiri and sake pairing experience with the owners of Ongilly, Koji and Aki. Yelp Elites had the option to purchase exclusive Yelp Elite kits, that included: 3 onigiris sets, yuzu cheesecake, an Onigilly bandana and a can sake with 19% alcohol content (woah!).

Koji and Aki looked everywhere for onigiris, but nothing could compare to what they ate back home in Niigata, Japan. They started their food cart in 2010 and the rest is history! Fast forward, Onigilly is now serving delicious flavors all over the San Francisco Bay Area. Look out for their newest location in San Mateo!

Images by JRay M. and Jenny O., Yelp Elites

“I’ve tried Onigilly before so I knew the food would be good. I had never tried any of the items provided in the kit and I really loved them all. The favorite was probably the Spicy Shrimp and the Yuzu Cheesecake. I really enjoyed hearing about Onigilly’s success story. It makes me appreciate the food that much more. I am so excited to try their new fusion brands…I’m about to bookmark them all!”- Sofia R., Yelp Elite.

Fun fact: Onigilly got its name because Aki and Koji found that “Onigiri” was rather difficult for Americans to say. His friend/business partner at the time loved illy espresso and they fused the two together…Onigilly!

Owners, Aki and Koji

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Thanks to our event sponsor: Onigilly