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San Antonio: Taste of Mexico at Michin Grill Kitchen and Tequila Bar

The Yelp Elites had an awesome night at Michin Grill Kitchen and Tequila bar. Michin is not your ordinary San Antonio Tex-Mex restaurant, they bring unique flavors of Mexico to the Alamo City. With their fresh ingredients, tasty dishes filled with flavor and unique presentation, Michin definitely hits the high charts.

Yelpers were greeted by the manager, staff, and chef as they helped pass around their complimentary chips and assorted salsas. The elites were surprised when they found out they were part of a salsa contest to see which salsa tasted best with Michin’s tortilla chips. While that was going on, the bartenders were making the Tita Margaritas for everyone. Did you know Michin’s Tita Margarita was voted as the best house margarita in town? We’re not surprised!

Everyone was enjoying the first entree of the night which was the Cubana Torta with bacon, cheese, and avocado. Up next was the Border Taco with arrachera steak and perfectly caramelized onions. Amazing! Guests were then treated to the Ultimate Michelada with celery seeds and spicy salsa which gave the drink a nice pinch of flavor. The next entree was the Diablo Taco with shrimp and tender octopus, as well as, the Cochinita Pibil Taco with yucatan flavored pork and tangy pickled onions. While the elites were enjoying the finger licking tacos they were served the Cantorito cocktail with tequila, fresh lime juice and grapefruit soda. So refreshing! To end the night the manager and staff passed around the Michin Mezcal to give a toast to an amazing Elite Experience. Cheers!!

The yelpers enjoyed every moment of the event and are looking forward to going back to Michin for more cocktails and tacos. Special thanks to the manager, staff, and chef for the great drinks, tasty food, and fun experience!

Don’t take our word for it though, check out the amazing reviews of their event. Also- check out the spectacular photos of the evening.


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