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Chicago Gets A Private Experience At Roti Modern Mediterranean

(Photo above by Elite attendee Michelle P)

Roti Modern Mediterranean is a beloved brand already, so what could make a visit to one of their locations even more special? The answer is an intimate private experience at one of their locations in the Loop, led by the brand’s Culinary Director, Molly McGrath. On the first Saturday in December of 2018, Roti closed their location at 33 N Dearborn for the night to provide this exact scenario just for Yelp Chicago Elites.

Around 6pm on this particularly snowy and cold Saturday, 30 Yelpers arrived at Roti Modern Mediterranean and were greeted with a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, from carrot ginger juice to red wine to Revolution Anti-Hero beer. Each person was handed a specially-created tasting menu for the evening, and this menu was different because each item was paired with a detailed description of how it is made in-house.

(Photo above by Elite Ashli H)

Chef Molly walked the group through the menu, starting with Roti’s rice, moving on to their famous dill yogurt sauce, all the way down to their warm pita bread. Not only was this presentation intimate, but also had never been given to anyone who didn’t already work for Roti. How cool is that?!

After Elites learned about the magic of Roti, including fun facts such as the fact that Roti’s falafel is made in their own unique way compared to many other Mediterranean spots, each guest was able to walk through the line in the restaurant and order a full plate of food. YUM. From proteins such as steak and salmon to sides like hummus and salad, most Elites were so full they had to bring home the rest of their dinner in a to-go box. They were spoiled, and loved it!

(Photo by Elite Michelle P)

Before everyone left, Roti made sure to treat each person to an in-house baked cookie. A goodie bag was also handed to every guest, complete with a Roti water bottle and a coupon to come back for a free entree at any Roti location.

Thank you again to Roti’s Culinary Director Molly McGrath, Roti marketing rockstar Sam Devermann, and the entire team at Roti for the hard work you put into this event!

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To learn more about Roti Modern Mediterranean, head to their website here. To learn more about the Yelp Elite Squad, visit

Special thank you to our sole sponsor for the event, Roti Modern Mediterranean.