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Rollin’ Like Royalty In Cool Springs


Long gone are the days when ‘that area’ between Brentwood and Franklin was only known for a mall. Cool Springs has become its own entity. And as England, Spain and Monaco have shown us, the coolest ‘entities’ need a royal family. Cool Springs’ royal family = King’s Cool Springs… and the Yelp Nashville Elite squad got a chance to taste the high life during their Royally Awesome Evening. The larger-than-you-would-think facility offers a 4-n-1 experience for guests and Elites got to try it all. From sangria and oversized Connect 4 in the patio area, to wontons, gourmet pizza, scallops with bacon, craft beer, and the largest TV set up in Middle TN in The Draft Room, to bowling, four-way air hockey, shuffleboard, specialty cocktails, and the desserts of your dreams in Kings’ Royal Room, to ending the evening with live music and barrels of Whiskey Room Tea in Whiskey Room Live… there’s a LOT to do. If you took in only part of the offerings, you’d feel special. Trying all of it? Yeah. That’s king/queen status. The Elite guests certainly felt so. You can tell in the photos and reviews. Next time you want some sangria… or wings… or to drink electric cocktails… or listen to live music… or bowl… or… anything, we know a place you’ll want to check out. Crowns offered separately.

Event Sponsors: King’s Cool SpringsDeMetri Moon Photography