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Relax and rejuvenate with Perspire Sauna Studio

Yelp Orange County Elites were treated to a one-hour private sauna experience at Perspire Sauna Studio in Dana Point! 

This beachside infrared sauna specializes in color therapy, which refreshes the mind and cleanses the body of toxins. Unlike traditional saunas, infrared saunas provide a gentle, soothing therapeutic heat that promotes relaxation, improved sleep, and a stronger immune system.

Upon arrival, Elites were led to their private room, where they were able to personalize their treatment with their choice of color light therapy and entertainment – including options like sweating it out to Netflix, Pandora, or relaxing in silence.  

After their session, Elites were invited to refresh with a cold eucalyptus towel and a variety of healthy snacks and beverages. 

Yelp Elite Kevin S wrote, “I love the sauna and miss it so much since COVID. I am a huge believer in the detoxification it gives and used to do it three times a week for years… After a quick tour I was shown to room five to sweat and enjoy my time. I actually turned on some John Maxwell personal development and harnessed my chi for 45 minutes all the while sweating all the toxins out… Once my time was up I left the sauna dripping wet and used the eucalyptus face towel on my face and whole body to refresh. It was utter heaven along with the massive water cold PH balance water bottle they gave us in our goodie bag. I was more than surprised how amazing I have felt since today. I feel totally detoxified and amazing. I will definitely be back.”

Support local and book an appointment with Perspire Sauna if you’re looking to feel rejuvenated! See some of the five-star reviews and photos on our special event page here.