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Real Actors Read Yelp Reviews: The Pittsburgh Edition

With the newly opened Arcade Comedy Theater, it was only natural for Yelp Pittsburgh to invade the venue with our own "comedy writers" aka Yelp Elites, supplying the material for Yelp's Real Actors Read Yelp Reviews Elite Event last week.

Aaron Kleiber
The highly entertaining evening kicked off with Pittsburgh's own Aaron Kleiber, performing his "seriously funny" stand-up set which Gary R  "was so impressed with. The reading of
our own reviews was hilarious, and the bonus of the improv provided by the
multi-talented Player One ensemble made the evening a gut buster start
to finish."

Real Actors
The night was then split into dramatic readings of reviews from our very own Yelp community! "What a great idea and great
event that tied in with Yelp" comments Lauren G. "I
even had someone ask me if people really write like that! The talent of
each of the performers was impressive. I had no idea 5
people opened up the Arcade recently. I'll definitely be back to see
them perform."

Player One
Arcade's Player One Improv group performed various improv "skits that were truly funny," according to Miriam W. "The interpretations that the members of
the comedy troupe did of the Yelp reviews were especially memorable." And we had not one, but two of the night's stars in the audience, who both happened to be have the first name, Nick C and Nick K!

Addi Twigg
Then the evening ended with the multi-talented Addi Twigg performing her incredibly unique musical comedy set, which was LIndsay B's "favorite part of the night. Brilliant!" Addi sang a serious rendition of Beastie Boys "Sabatoge" that seriously enraptoured everyone. LB goes on to say "the theater is a great space with the quintessential comedy club brick
wall and comedy album art. It's
intimate, in a way that makes you feel like you're in danger of
getting picked on at any minute. Isn't that part of the fun of being at a
comedy club, anyway?" Sure is!

A big thank you to the Arcade Comedy Theater, founding members Kristy Nolen (and Yelp Elite), Abby Fudor and Mike Rubino. Plus, thanks to the rest of the Player One ensemble of Ben Mayer, Dave Fielding, Keara Kelly and Liz Labacz. Also, thanks to Porter Loves Photography for the fab photo's that you can check out here.

If you want to catch more of the event buzz, hop over to the event listing to read all about the excitement from your fellow yelpers.

Sincerely Drama Queen,

Yelp - Arcade Comedy - 07

Rachel C

Pittsburgh Community Manager