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Portland Elites Get Their Fix At Accident Care Chiropractic

If you were in an auto accident, how would you manage the pain? What would you do to get your body back in working order? While those are question most haven’t had to ask, Portland’s Accident Care Chiropractic wants people to be prepared with an answer. That’s why they reached out to the Yelp Elite Squad to host a most unique event: Car Crash Fantasy Camp!

Over the course of a week, select Yelpers visited Accident Care Chiropractic at one of their seven Portland-area clinics. Here, they learned how ACC’s team of highly skilled practitioners could put them back on the path to wellness. First, guests participated in an initial consultation to identify their needs. Next they discussed how various treatments worked together to accelerate healing. Finally it was time to execute their plan!

Some guests started for a chiropractic adjustment while others preferred an in-depth physical therapy consultation. For some, their visit to ACC was their first chance to experience the benefits of acupuncture. And others decided to sample a therapeutic massage. Regardless of the plan, the Yelpers were impressed They were also impressed with the diversity of both the available treatments and of the providers. It was clear that at ACC patients experiencing personal injury could expect a holistic approach to healing and pain management.

To learn more about the Yelp Elites’ experience at Accident Care Chiropractic, read their reviews!

About our host:

At Accident Care Chiropractic, we want you to always feel and perform your best whether you are at the office, competing on the field, or at home caring for your family. Our doctors of Chiropractic and Licensed Massage Therapists specialize in treating a variety of injuries from auto accidents to worker’s compensation claims. We use the latest equipment and chiropractic techniques available to diagnose and treat all of your injury needs.

Our friendly staff is fluent not only in English but also Spanish, Vietnamese, with access to Chinese and Russian translators. Everyone at Accident Care Chiropractic is knowledgeable in auto and worker’s compensation claims to assist you in managing your case and guide you through the confusing paperwork, all the while enabling you to focus on what matters most: getting better and feeling healthier.