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Pizza. Beer. Bellevue (almost).


So… you might have noticed that Nashville loves craft beer. But here’s the thing: craft beer can be a wee bit scary. Intimidating. And taprooms can be places meant only for beer, serious conversations about beer and calories derived only from beer. Enter, TailGate Beer. They do things a bit differently (maybe it’s the SoCal in them). Their beer is accessible. Their staff answers questions to help patrons find a beer that will best suit them. The campus (!) is full of games and other past times to make fun a priority. They serve artisan pizza better than many pizza joints. Oh, and they are gifted with some of the most wondrous views in the metro area. Happiness is drinking a pint Peanut Butter Stout, eating a slice of sriracha pizza and watching the sun set over the tree-covered hills of the west side of town… from the comfort of an outside patio. Does that sound like the brewery you’ve been frequenting? Members of the Yelp Nashville Elite Squad were beside themselves to experience the above and much much more. Need proof? Check out the reviews here and the photos here. Oh, did we mention TailGate’s robust event program? Here’s a hint: pumpkin. It’s coming. The west side might really be the new best side.

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