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On The Hunt With Sherlock Holmes In London


The game was afoot!

On a dark London night (ok, it was a bright and sunny day, but still), a murder occurred on the famous Baker Street. Luckily, the great detective Sherlock Holmes was on hand to help solve the case, with the help of some brilliant yelpers, of course. Teaming up with friendly meet-and-greet site Thinking Bob, who ran our game, we came together to piece together clues, run through the neighbourhood and figure out the murderer. Could we do it?


Yes, yes we could.

It also helped that our brains were at full capacity, after an amazing reception at the Sherlock Holmes Park Plaza Hotel, which fed us delicious eats and drinks to get us buzzing and ready. And once we had all come together with a suspect, motive and location, we were welcomed into the great Radisson Blu, who grilled up some barbecue and served a bright red Yelp Bloody Murder cocktail.

A perfect way to end any investigation. But don’t just take our word for it. You can read all the reviews here and see the great gumshoe shots on the Yelp page.

Thanks To Our Great Sponsors

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