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Nossa Familia Coffee Has Portland Elites Buzzing


If you want to celebrate National Coffee Day, you want to do it with the Yelp Elites, and you want to do it in with Nossa Familia Coffee! Last Thursday, 150 members of Portland’s Yelp Community gathered in Nossa Familia’s warehouse for Yelp’s Up All Night, a chance to see for themselves how exceptional coffee stems from exceptional relationships! From the strong bonds that tie the company to their family farms in Brazil to the community-minded partnerships they’ve fostered throughout Portland, it’s clear that Nossa Familia lives their values, and all enjoyed enjoying the fruits – or is that beans? – of their labor!

As guests walked through the cafe entrance, they were swiftly whisked behind the curtain and into the production warehouse where they were welcomed with complimentary cold brew, cascara tea (made from brewed dried coffee cherries) and shots of espresso whipped cream! The caffeine hardly stopped there, as guests enjoyed a front row seat to live roasting, learning about Nossa Familia’s network of family farms and sustainable practices. They were proud to share news of their status as the first Certified B Corporation coffee roaster in Oregon, meeting the highest standards of overall social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability! Finally, guests were invited to learn the basics of cupping, the practice of observing the tastes and aromas of brewed coffee. No matter how big a caffeine fan they were before this event, every Yelper left with newfound coffee knowledge!

Nossa Famila’s community relationships were in full display, too! Guests enjoyed a bountiful spread of Peruvian delights from neighboring restaurant Andina. In between bites of spicy ceviche and quinoa salad, everybody made mental notes to revisit this top-rated Portland restaurant ASAP! Local favorite Ruby Jewel shared fantastic ice cream sandwiches made with double-chocolate cookies and caramelized coffee ice cream. For those who like their treats extra decadent, guests could even dip their sandwiches in a chocolate-coffee sauce!

Coffee wasn’t the only beverage available, but it did make it’s way into the other offerings! Hopworks Urban Brewery served a cascara-infused hard cider that had guests coming back for more. If cider wasn’t the guests’ flavor, they could also choose from the HUB Lager and the Gear Up IPA, both regularly available at the brewery’s two area taprooms. And last but not least, Bull Run Distilling crafted coffee cocktails using both their American Whiskey and Bourbon. Yelpers were amazed at how smooth a cocktail could be created using whiskey, maple syrup, and cream!

As the evening wound down, Yelpers were wide-eyed and and wired, and they were also abuzz with excitement from rubbing elbows with so many local-minded small businesses. As the guests left, they took complimentary bags of Nossa Familia Coffee beans and bottles of their just-launched cold brew. Maybe it was just the caffeine talking, but they were already planning their next visit to the host and their partners. Want to learn more? Check out the photo gallery and be sure to read the Yelpers’ reviews!

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