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New York City: a hub for hybrid foods

Is that an ice cream cone? No, wait, is that a slice of pizza? Actually, it’s a pizza cone! Imagine a world, where two of your favorite foods combine forces to become one epic creation.

One of the “hardest” decisions we make on a daily basis is what to eat for each meal. Have you ever stared at a menu and eyed two different items? Culinary artists and chefs alike are looking for ways to find out how to make this decision a lot less taxing on our lives. Their solution? Taking two very popular food items and figuring out a way where they can become one!  

Arguably, we can say that Chef Dominique sparked the hybrid food revolution back in 2013 with his very famously sought out pastry invention, the cronut. Dominique Ansel Bakery began seeing lines down the busy street of New York City where they are located when they introduced this incredible concoction. Ansel was able to take the flakiness of a croissant while forming it into the beautiful shape of a donut and giving it the perfect amount of sweetness. Different flavors of the cronut started to make its way into the bakery and the rest is history!

“The flavor of the month is a gingersnap cookie and sour cream cronut; it was so satisfying- not too sweet, the sour cream was whipped to perfection! It was a perfect balance… Also, one cronut is more than enough, very fulfilling.” – Yelper Sara K, Dominique Ansel Bakery

Photo Credit: Yelper Sara K, Dominique Ansel Bakery

One of the latest food hybrid crazes also happens to include the croissant. Waffles have taken on a whole life of their own.  They can come in many shapes and sizes.  They can even come with fruit or fried chicken.  But here, they are mashed up with the almighty croissant.  We would like to introduce to you the croffle. The croffle is taking breakfast to a whole new level by mashing up a croissant with a waffle. The Croffle,a very popular Korean snack, is made by croissant pastry dough being placed in a waffle iron and then topped with all your favorites such as powdered sugar, blueberries and, of course, nutella. One hot spot that has people raving about the croffle is Flushing’s very own Croffle House.  

“Croffle: (noun) the flaky croissant dough placed into a waffle machine, pressed and topped with whipped cream and fruit (or chocolate powder, nutella, etc). Taste profile: yummy. Move over cronut, this is the latest hit! As you can see from the photos, they are not skimpy on the toppings at all. The fresh cream with the crunchy flakiness was so good!” – Yelper Tina C, Croffle House

Photo Credit: Yelper Tina C, Croffle House

What if we took two different cultures with some of their most popular menu items and made one colossal dish? Say hello to the ramen burger. Exactly how it sounds, the ramen burger takes the all-American hamburger patty and sandwiches it in between a bun made of ramen noodles. This food frenzy began back in 2017 and made its debut appearance at Brooklyn’s famous Smorgasburg. Now, Kogane Ramen houses this popular dish at their two locations in New York, one being in Manhattan and the other in Brooklyn.  

“I’ll just talk about the ramen burger I had. It was so good. The ramen had a good texture and the beef was cooked how I liked it. I would definitely order this burger again!” – Yelper Luke W, Kogane Ramen (Brooklyn)

Photo Credit: Ally G, Kogane Ramen – Manhattan

While the ramen burger is one of the most well known savory food hybrids, in Bayside a pizza/sandwich shop is taking the hybrid food mission very seriously. Krave It has been evolving the food game since their fruition and focuses on pushing the limits with food.  For example, their Que Pasa Empanada Pizza is fully loaded with Argentinian chimichurri, grilled chicken, sweet plantains, and fresh mozzarella. You may be wondering where the hybrid factor plays in.  Well, this pizza does not have any ordinary crust, rather it has a crust made of cheese empanadas. This isn’t their only food masterpiece. Check out their fried Oreo pizza. This pizza takes a favorite carnival snack and transforms it into a pizza that’s also a sweet treat.

“We also had to try their fried oreo cannoli pizza and ddaammmnnn!! That was so unique and just plain lovely!!! The mozzarella cheese on that added a nice salt element to fluffy fried oreos and sweet creamy cannoli cream. This pizza was so damn good!!! You gotta try it!!” – Yelper Samantha J, Krave It

Photo Credit: Cree P, Krave It

Let’s bring it back to where we started our adventure of hybrid proportions…the pizza cone! A neighborhood bagel shop and delicatessen has taken the conventional pizza slice and made this foodie favorite even easier to eat. Queens Bagels and Delicatessen in Forest Hills is proud to serve the pizza cone on their extensive breakfast/lunch menu. Instead of a sugary waffle cone, pizza dough is formed to create a vessel for sauce, cheese and toppings such as pepperoni.

“The pizza cone was fun and tasty; easy handheld food and you can dip it in the various sauces. The pepperoni flavor was delicious, and I’d be curious to try other pizza cone flavors! Highly recommended for any pizza fans.” – Yelper Li-Li W, Queens Bagels and Delicatessen

Photo Credit: Samina C, Queens Bagels and Delicatessen 

This is only the tip of the iceberg.  Here are some other spots within the five boroughs that are known for your wonderful hybrid food creations:

  • The Dough Club (Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens) – Their dessert combines the ever popular japanese snack mochi and places it within a donut with flavors like matcha, ubé and black sesame.
  • Dek Sen (Elmhurst, Queens) – Known for their mille crepe cake, which consists of many layers of the very popular french pastry tacked to create a beautiful and amazingly sweet slice of cake.  
  • Poke Burrito (Astoria, Queens) – This spot combines the freshest pieces of sushi (a Japanese delicacy) and turns them into a popular Mexican dish.
  • The Bagel Store (Brooklyn) – They are home to the cragel – a half croissant, half bagel creation.
  • Queens Bake House (Astoria, Queens) – Their invention – the bruffin – is a brioche muffin loaded with ham, Swiss cheese, and a creamy Bechamel.

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