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New England Elites Share A Virtual Kitchen For National Linguine Day

Photo by Apex S.

I loved this event! It was so exciting to get the MASSIVE box containing the ingredients for this dish…

Toni T, Rhode Island Yelp Elite

Forty Elite Yelpers representing greater Boston and Rhode Island zoomed in for a virtual cookalong Tuesday to celebrate National Linguine Day! Armed with a box of dry and canned goods from Canton’s own Pastene, yelpers took to their kitchens to create a Caramelized Tomato Linguine entree, under the expert tutelage of Chef Anthony Ambrose. Even Pastene owner Mark Tosi joined in on the fun, answering guest questions about the 146-year-old Massachusetts company and their famous yellow-labeled goods. Check out event reviews and guests photos of their finished dishes, and if you wanna relive the moment, here’s the recipe. Get to cookin’!