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January 24th is National Compliment Day

Baylor Street Art Wall in Austin, Texas –photo by Dee M

The gift giving season may be over, but that should not stop communities from spreading joy and cheer. Now, more than ever, the world could use a little extra TLC. As we celebrate National Compliment Day on January 24th, Yelp encourages communities across North America to spread the love and endless good vibes through compliments – sincere compliments. A thoughtful compliment to a friend, a relative, a teammate – even a stranger – can have a powerful impact on their day, causing a ripple effect that inspires happier and healthier communities. Everyone wants to feel unique. Everyone wants to be acknowledged. Everyone wants to be appreciated. So give a compliment or two. It’s free for you. Priceless to them.

For National Compliment Day we call on you to share the love alongside the Yelp Community:
1. Send a fellow Yelper a Yelp compliment – someone whose reviews you find helpful, food porn photos you drool over, or just a 5-star Yelper in your community that you admire. But don’t stop there!
2. Shout out your favorite local businesses via social media.
3. Give kudos to a colleague.
4. Praise a stranger: your barista, your driver, your grocery bagger
5. Text – or better yet, call – an old pal to tell them why you admire their friendship.
6. Leave a hidden (but discoverable) Post-It compliment for your kiddo, S.O. or relative. All the feels!
7. Acknowledge a community leader or non-profit group you think is doing amazing work for your community.
8. Look in the mirror and compliment yourself out loud. You’re awesome AF and should hear it.

Here within the Yelp community, Yelpers are able to give virtual high-fives to peers via Yelp Compliments. Here’s an impressive sampling of Yelp Elites leading the charge in sending authentic Yelp compliments:

Matteo R in Brooklyn, New York

Carol C in Houston, Texas

Tonya J in Queens, New York

Dana L in Louisville, Kentucky

David M in Detroit, Michigan

Lea B in Rochester, New York

Steven B in St. Louis, Missouri

Katie F in Denver, Colorado

Des B in Las Vegas, Nevada

Frank L in Seattle, Washington

Mike G in Columbus, Ohio

Casey H in Austin, Texas

Karen W in Tempe, Arizona

Nadine C in Honolulu, Hawaii

Let’s keep the compliment love alive! Go forth and spread the love…