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Meet Yelp’s First-Ever Chief Pizza Officer

We are thrilled to introduce you to Yelp’s first-ever Chief Pizza Officer: Lupe Castillon-Mendoza. As Yelp’s Chief Pizza Officer, Lupe will be traveling across the US to discover new pizza trends and settle some of the greatest pizza debates like “does pineapple belong on pizza?” Watch their Legally Blonde inspired entry video below; it’s obvious why they’re our #1 pick.

If you’re a regular San Antonio Yelper, you may recognize Lupe from around the Yelp Elite scene, where they’ve already shared a few opinions about pizza. Curious about their pizza opinions? Read on for our Q&A with them and be sure to follow along on social at @Yelp.

Congrats on being named Yelp’s first-ever Chief Pizza Officer. Tell us what’s your favorite pizza place or type of pizza.
My favorite kinda pizza is gonna be a fun mix of sweet & savory on a nice thin pizza with a doughy puffy crust.

What are some of the biggest pizza trends and toppings you’re loving right now?
This might be a little controversial buuuuuuut… my favorite topping is a juicy piece of fruit or an onion that has been caramelized nicely to bring out the sweet richness of the onion. Something about the sweetness against the contrast of the savory is soooooo good to me!

What’s one pizza spot you’re excited to try?
Flatbread Company on the island of Maui would have to be the main place on my pizza-must-try list! They have a pizza known to tourists as the REAL Hawaiian pizza. It is a house made mango bbq sauce, local juicy pineapples, goat cheese, mozzarella, but the real stunt of the century is they use REAL kalua pork instead of Canadian bacon! REAL KALUA PORK!!!!!! People who have had it say it is really life changing!

Photo via Dean C., Flatbread Company in Paia, HI

Cities like New York, Chicago and Detroit are well-known for their pizza. What’s one city you think should be on every pizza lover’s list?
The Bay Area should be on everyone’s list! California pizza is gonna be a nice thin pie with a lot of fresh local veggies! If you are in the Bay Area stop by a Pizza-My-Heart they do this so well and are all around the place. And I will let you in on a lil secret. If you buy a shirt for $7 you get a FREE SLICE! So it is basically a two-in-one. You get a great slice and walk away with a cute shirt as a memento of your trip. Do yourself a favor and get the Big Sur! The roasted garlic is EVERYTHING!!!!!!!

In addition to being our Yelp Chief Pizza Officer, you’re also an Elite. What’s one thing you think everyone should know about the Yelp Community?
It is extremely diverse! I was shocked attending my first Yelp Elite event to see just how diverse the community is. It was nice to see that there were people of different racial & ethnic backgrounds, gender, & age.