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Meet The Maker: Airlife Flora

Yelp is all about connecting people with great local businesses, and we recognize that these businesses — led by artisans, doers and creators of all kinds — are the lifeblood of our communities. So we choose a few small biz badasses from around the world each month to spotlight and learn from.

Allow us to introduce: Shelby Hsieh, of Airlife Flora in Taipei. Airlife Flora is a floral design brand specializing in dried flowers. Hsieh hosts floral arrangement workshops and puts together holiday and birthday bouquet packages.

AIRLIFE FLORA 小生活花朵x生活美學 是一個花朵設計品牌, 以乾燥花朵為主要花材。Shelby除了花束禮物組合商品以外,也有教學的課程,希望可以將時尚與創意帶給大家的生活。


Why did you want to create Airlife Flora? 為什麼你會想要創業?

I think starting a business is the most direct way to influence people and to change the world. As a kid, I wanted to be an entrepreneur, so I became really involved in many start-up activities in college.

I believe that if we can see the happenings around and appreciate the little things in life, many people will be inspired to pursue their dreams and believe anything is possible when they see others taking a chance. This is a positive cycle.




What was the moment that you knew Airlife Flora had to happen? 是什麼時候你覺得一定要創辦AIRLIFE FLORA

When I saw my coworkers frowning over their jobs, I realized something is wrong. We spend a large portion of our lives working, so why not enjoy it?


If customers come away knowing just one thing about your business, what do you want that message to be? 你希望你的客人從AIRLIFE FLORA學到什麼?

To let aesthetics enter our daily lives — not just to appreciate flowers but to observe the beauty around us. Also to understand that life should be something to be excited about and not just endless responsibility, work and stress.


What does a typical day entail for you? 你的一天大概是什麼樣子?

Drink coffee, write down today’s plans, work on floral arrangement, take pictures, write articles, publish on social media, drink some wine, sleep.


What inspires you? 什麼事情啟發你?

Anything that excites the idea of living and living life to its fullest.


What do you do to make sure you are regularly inspired? 你會做什麼確保你時常有靈感嗎?

Read books and magazines, take new classes and workshops, travel, attend events and hang out with friends.



What is your favorite thing about Airlife Flora? 你最喜歡AIRLIFE FLORA的是什麼?為什麼?

Communicate through various images, texts and stories to create a lively, fun and beautiful atmosphere. Experience what it feels to be relaxed and warm during busy moments.


What do you want the future to hold for Airlife Flora? 你希望AIRLIFE FLORA的未來是什麼?

Aside from being known as an aesthetic and tasteful floral design brand, I hope to express a sense of excitement, fun and creativity.



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