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Meet The Elites: Michael C & Goldie C

A couple that Yelps together, stays together. At least that’s how we see it!

While Yelp is not a dating site, we often find couples on our Elite Squad. For the most part, these couples were already a couple before Yelp. Usually, one person becomes Elite and the other hears epic stories of unique experiences and friendly folks. It then becomes their mission to gain a shiny badge of their own, never to be a +1 again!

Michael C and Goldie C lived this! Now, both of them are Elite and a huge part of our Broward-Palm Beach community. You’d never tell they are a couple at events. Oftentimes, they are at different tables or mingling with different groups, making friends left and right.

Find out what it’s like yelping when you’re competing with your significant other to see who reviews the restaurant first, in this edition of Meet The Elite.

Who started Yelping first and why did the other finally come around to it?

Goldie: Michael started Yelping first. For me, I figured I should start as well so we could enjoy Yelping, writing reviews, and going to events together.

Michael: I was the first one to start actively Yelping. Goldie and I would always go to Yelp events together, and as a result of that, we made some incredible friendships. I think the natural transgression of getting increasingly involved with our community and spending more time using Yelp to discover and share new places made Yelp a way of life for both of us.

What does it mean to be Yelp Elite?

Goldie: Being Elite means to me that fellow Yelpers value my opinion and think I’m worthy enough to be Elite. Living up to the responsibility of an Elite is important because I can make people aware of my experiences in my community and help grow businesses.

Michael: Being a Yelp Elite is important to me because of the burden of responsibility it holds and the impact I have on our business community. I have the privilege of sharing my experiences with so many others who depend on Yelp as the app and website to go to in order to make a decision on where to eat, which doctor to go to, or which park to take their kids to. When I get excited about anything in our community I have experienced, I would love to think that I can help grow their business, as well as help those who use Yelp to positively add something new to their lives.

How would you describe the Yelp Community?

Goldie: I think the Yelp community is like a big family with lots of cousins. You have your close immediate family (friends) and then you have all your cousins. Everyone is friendly and we all enjoy the same things. Mainly food!

Michael: Collectively, the Yelpers themselves in Broward-Palm Beach have built a familial camaraderie with so much respect for each other and individually chose to be a part of that.

What are some differences in tastes you guys have?
Goldie: Michael likes oysters, I don’t. He likes raw clams, I don’t. He likes sausage, I don’t. He likes BBQ, I don’t. He likes sashimi, I like sushi rolls better. However, I love mediterranean food and he doesn’t like it.

Michael: OYSTERS! I love them and Goldie hates them. Getting that out of the way, I have grown to love certain types of craft beers, and she would rather have Prosecco, water, or a glass of wine. As far as wine, she will drink her glass of good wine and I could drink a bottle. She would have a salad at a gastropub, and I would have my bacon wrapped dates or pulled pork. I could never order a plain salad at a gastropub.

The Top 3 restaurants in Broward-Palm Beach you’d recommend for a date night. 

Twentytwenty Grille: It’s a small and intimate place, with only 20 tables outside and in. It’s owned by married chefs, Ron and Rhonda. You feel like you’re in their small dining room. The food and wine is well thought out and nobody cooks like these two together.  They are always in the dining room talking to guests.

Café Seville: It’s a cozy and intimate dining experience. They specialize in Spanish cuisine and have a great selection of Spanish wines. The service is incredible and if you go there more than once, they seem to know you and make you feel special. It is a place to always go back to.

Pasta And…: The best kept secret Italian restaurant in Broward-Palm Beach. Just walk in and your jaw will drop, wondering why you haven’t heard of this place. It’s like you walked into a small, romantic spot in Italy.  All homemade pastas and sauces, and you can expect a personal visit from Chef Luigi. All the servers know every detail of the the menu and extensive Italian wine list.

What’s your favorite Elite Event you’ve attended? 

Goldie: My favorite Elite Event is the Yelp Games at Macy’s, since it was my first Elite Event. I just loved how everyone was so competitive and how we cheered our teams on. I laughed so hard and screamed so loud I had no voice the next day. The spirit everyone showed was so amazing. Win or lose, everyone had a blast.

Michael: My favorite Elite Event is also The Yelp Games. It is the only event that takes us all out of our element of eating and drinking, and puts us into “raw” interaction with each other. Every time it builds stronger camaraderie in our community. The food and drink afterparty is a must though!

What’s the secret to finding love?

Goldie: They use to say the secret of finding love is through food! I don’t know of any secrets. I guess you need a little luck and being open to meeting new people. I think the secrets are more about how to keep that love once you find it. Sometimes you just have to look up and love is staring you in the face.

Michael: I do not believe in “finding” love. I do believe that when two people cross paths in their lives and grow together both romantically and as best friends, they reach a point of unselfish love. Then they have found love!

About the Yelp Elite Squad: The Yelp Elite Squad is our way of recognizing people who are active in the Yelp community – people who are role models both on and off the site. Elite-worthiness is based on a number of things, including well-written reviews, high quality tips, a detailed personal profile, an active voting and complimenting record, and a history of playing well with others. Elites must use their real name on their account, have a real (and clear!) profile photo, and be of legal drinking age in their country. You can read more, and even nominate yourself at