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May Looks Best In Midtown

Rooftop season is a thing in Nashville. It runs from the first sustained stretch of good weather until it just doesn’t make sense to be outside anymore. Key ingredients: the perfect view, excellent location, drink in hand, and music of some sort. It should come as no surprise, then, that Aerston Midtown is your choice destination for all of the above. Not only is the building the premiere Midtown mixed-used community for the lifestyle that Nashvillians have come to expect but the 17th floor Woodlea concept was the site for the Yelp Elite Squad’s Garden Of Aertson. Delighted guests made their way to the private roof top terrace to enjoy a veritable garden of delights. From lite bites and signature cocktails, to getting their hands (just a little) dirty with a succulent bar, to non-profit education and patronization, to expert selfies, there wasn’t a moment there wasn’t something incredible to do. If that wasn’t enough, guests got to be dazzled by exploring Aertson Midtown’s spectacular units and were entranced by TV-worthy (seriously!) live music from two of Music City’s next big things. Sounds like an incredible night, right? It was! Read reviews here and see photos here. Spring has sprung in Nashville and you’re going to want to find the right place to take in the season. According to Nashville Elites, all you need to do is head to Midtown and look up to experience the art of living.

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