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Manchester’s Local Gems: Foundation Coffee House

It’s Friday, we’re back and with a bang! This week we caught up with Adam Chapman to find out a little more about a heavy NQ favourite! Manchester’s Local Gem this week is Foundation Coffee House!

Adam (second from left) and the rest of the Foundation team!

Hey Adam, tell us a little bit about your business & what you do there?

We are a coffee shop, “oh” you say, “what’s special about that?”. Nothing, it’s been done before; coffee, food and cake is nothing new. However we have put it all together in a very lovely package. Spacious, well designed features and very high quality products.

How did you get started?

Lots of people have ideas. Many of my friends talk about what they would like to do, it never goes past the talking about it over a beer phase. For me it’s all about nurturing that idea and then not letting momentum go. So it was a tonne of planning and research, brand development and product development which was the fun bit.

What has been/is your biggest challenge?

Not eating all of our cakes……

How do you use customer feedback with your team? 

I am very lucky that our guys are extremely passionate. They take feedback very seriously and sometimes to heart. In some businesses it is a challenge to get staff to listen to customer feedback, my challenge is to make sure they don’t get too upset and take it too personally.

What excites you the most about owning/running a business in Manchester? 

Manchester is just buzzing these days, new shops, buildings, bars and restaurants are opening all of the time. There seems to be construction on almost every corner. It truly is exciting and a privilege to be a part of this.

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Flat White art from Foundation

Undoubtedly a staple in the Manchester coffee scene – make sure you stop by Foundation soon for some of the best coffee and cake in the city!