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Yelp Manchester’s 4th July Bash!

Celebrating an American holiday, in a Cuban bar, in the middle of Manchester – sounds like a peculiar mix doesn’t it? Let me assure you, it was a peculiar hit!

In what was perhaps the biggest Yelp Manchester event yet, 100+ guests escaped that Manchester rain and headed down to Revolucion De Cuba. We had a great mix of faces new and old eagerly awaiting the festivities that await them at one of Manchester’s best bars!

Upon arrival guest were handed Cube Libre’s, before heading off to explore the room and mingle. Soon it was time to kick it all off and the round-robin style entertainment began.

Burrito Making Masterclasses

It’s well known that Yelpers are passionate about food, so we flipped the script and had them make their own! Each group received a masterclass before they were let loose on the table to create their own burritos!

burrito Collage
Yelpers have fun creating their own Burritos!

Mojito Races

A difficult task for the regular joe to do is to create a tasty cocktail, in a matter of seconds. So, our Yelpers were pitted against each other in a cocktail battle for the ages – preparing their own Mojito’s after a crash course from the expert bartenders!

mojito Collage
Race against the clock. Yelpers battle it out in Mojito races!

Between the excitement of mouthwatering Mojitos and bursting Burritos, a game of water pong was on offer for the guests. There were also exciting competitions for Yelpers to dive in to. 5 Bacardi Cocktail Kits were up for grabs for great photos and sweet guessing skills and competition was fierce.

A fantastic evening was had by all and the staff at Revolucion De Cuba were simply brilliant! A big thank you to all the guests that came down to experience 4th July as designed by Yelp & one of Manchester finest!

If you’d like to get involved in the fun, you can, just visit Yelp for more info! Make sure you check out the photos and videos on Facebook.