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Making (Yelp) History In Murfreesboro

In the – almost – nine years that Yelp Nashville’s been around, we’ve done a lot of things and been to a lot of places. What we’d never done, though, was have an official Yelp Elite Event in Murfreesboro. Well, that was true until June of 2019. And by the experience and response, it looks like our presence was right on time. Middle Tennessee stalwart Puckett’s hosted a large crew of ‘boro Elites and their friends to a night of Tennessee delights: bbq, pimento cheese, craft beer, pecan pie, live music, vintage memorabilia, gracious service, and stick-to-your-bones good times. Even if you’ve been to other Puckett’s locations, the Murfreesboro venue (in the Square) is unique in and of itself. Once you step in the door and smell the can-it-really-be-oh-yes-it-is goodness of the smoker, you know you’re in the right spot. Once you sit down and get to eating and listening to the music, you won’t want to leave. Closing time came and the members of the Yelp Elite Squad were the last one’s out of the door. Don’t believe us? Check out the reviews here and the photos here. It’s no surprise that Murfreesboro is quickly becoming a crown jewel of Middle Tennessee. Venues like Puckett’s Murfreesboro is a chief reason why. Got dinner plans?

Event Sponsors: Puckett’s Gro. & Restaurant • Sam Rorex Trio