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Making Mouths Happy (and Healthy) In Murfreesboro

After eight (8!) years of yelping in Nashville, we thought it was high time to head down I24 E to Murfreesboro and get the party started down there. But… where to go? What to do? Well, it is the beginning of summer… and that means beach bodies… and that means healthy… and that means CoreLife Eatery. If you haven’t ventured down to the jewel of Rutherford County in a while, you might be a bit surprised at how much Medical Center Parkway has grown up. On it, you’ll find another jewel of Rutherford. That’s right, CoreLife is serving up healthy eats and lifestyle in a colorful, informative and universal way. Whether you are partial to greens, grains, broth, or bowls, there’s something worth your while to try. With flavor profiles that extend from Mexican to Mediterranean, there’s a menu item that will whet your whistle and ring your bell. If you can’t find something you like (doubtful), you have the option of making your own, one-of-a-kind goodie. And we haven’t even mentioned the lemonade/tea bar. Yes, you read that right. Elated Elites were privy to a month of getting their health on in the most delicious way possible. From gym nuts to those dipping their toe in the health pool, everyone raved about the food, service, environment, and message at CoreLife. Need more convincing? No problem! Check out the reviews here and look at the mouth-watering photos here. Whether it’s for your upcoming trip to South Beach, the wedding dress you’re trying to fit into or simply a lifestyle change, there’s never a bad time to start eating better — and at CoreLife Eatery you can do so deliciously.

Event Sponsor: CoreLife Eatery