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Know Your CM: 5 Questions with Nate M of Las Vegas


A real life native of Las Vegas, this Battle Born burger lover has been running around the valley way before the great Luxor Pyramid and the New York skyline popped up on the world famous “Strip”. Being one of the few locals who enjoys the Vegas heat, Nate M thinks it’s just a great excuse for a cocktail by the pool. We chatted with him at his Henderson hideaway.

What did you do before you worked for Yelp?

About five years before Yelp, I worked in radio promotion and did on-air shifts, all the while working as a morning news TV producer. Both of these jobs forced me to be outgoing and gave me great conversation skills, which has been a huge benefit so far with my two years at Yelp.

What’s your favorite thing about representing Las Vegas on Yelp?

Those hidden gems, the Valley is full of them. Vegas is unlike any city on earth, in that we have the largest culmination of five-star restaurants on one Four-mile street that any other place in the entire world. Yet two-miles in any direction from the Strip and you’ll find the most amazing mom & pop Japanese, Thai, and Hawaiian food spots for under ten-dollars. The dining diversity of this small city never ceases to amaze me.

What’s a great local business that you discovered because of Yelp?

I love a good local watering hole, that has no gaming, no smoking inside and yet is easy on the wallet. Lucky Foo’s has this weird funky classic vibe without being pretentious, the menu is very creative, the cocktails are refreshing and the owner is a total pop-culture lover. Any given day you could walk-in and Star Wars or the Labyrinth will playing on all of the TVs. I suggest trying the Foo Dogs and Short Rib Ramen. You’re welcome.

 How would you spend a perfect Saturday?

That really all depends on the weather, but I’ll go with summertime goodies. Start with an early morning coffee at Mothership. From fresh roasted coffee to amazing savory and sweet baked goods, it all done in-house and it’s all amazing. Plus it’s one of the few places that offers nitro coffee. Afterwards, hit up the Railroad Tunnels Trails, located in Boulder City. These old tunnels were used to help build the Hoover Dam, now it’s all historical landmarks and sweeping views of Lake Mead and the dam itself. Now it’s noon, you’re hungry, and could use some good people watching… Downtown Las Vegas is your spot, specifically Container Park. This will put you in the heart of old Las Vegas and with more of the locals. Finally, pool time! I mean it’s summer right? My preference is The Pond at Green Valley Ranch, it’s low key and close to my house.

What local celebrity would you take to lunch and where would you go?

Oscar Goodman, duh! Not only was he formally the Mayor of Las Vegas, but he’s been in “Casino” alongside Joe Pesci. Besides being the mayor, he was also a real-life lawyer of Las Vegas mobsters, can you imagine the stories? We would go to the Golden Steer, which is a formerly Mafia owned restaurant that Frank Sinatra used to hang out at all the time.

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