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Louisville Elites Run Away And Join The Circus


Fun fact: Louisville has its very own circus and circus gym, which offers classes! The first Louisville Turners Circus was held in 1941, displaying gymnastic skills of Turner members of all ages. That circus tradition continues with a new circus each March. And roughly 60 Yelp Louisville Elite Squad members and guests were invited into Turners’ gym last week to learn feats of circus daring, including the trapeze, lyra, aerial silks, swinging ladders, walking globe and juggling. Plus, along with circus fun, the squad enjoyed generous ice cream samples from Bernoulli Small Batch Ice Cream, and they were the first to try Hawaiian hotdogs from the Ula Ula Hawaiian Hotdog Co., the new food cart concept from Red Top Gourmet Hotdogs. This hot-dog style is getting big out West, and Ula Ula is the first to bring it to this area. Check out the reviews, photos by photographer Maggie Huber and slideshow.

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Louisville Turners CircusBernoulli Small Batch Ice CreamRed Top Gourmet Hotdogs/Ula Ula Hawaiian Hotdog Co.