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Los Yelpers de Madrid recorren el mundo entre hamburguesas

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On Monday, more than fifty Yelpers were invited to tour the world … through their burgers! And given the fans the Yelp Elite Squad Madrid for this dish, many will not want to miss event size. The appointment was at the Hard Rock Cafe in Madrid, which gave us to try the burgers including eight this year in its fantastic Burger World Tour. Created in different countries and cities across the globe, these specialties now meet in Madrid for a limited time so they can be tasted. The Yelpers these little delights accompanied with cocktails Burger World Tour, and even attended paths explanations from LG, chef Hard Rock Café Madrid and Adri, one of the mixologists more “flair”. You want to know more? Then check out the reviews and photographs of the event.

Last Monday more than fifty Yelpers were invited to travel the world… through its burgers! And knowing how much the Yelp Elite Squad loves burgers, many Elites didn’t want to miss the date. They met in Hard Rock Café Madrid, and were treated to a feast of burgers crafted all over the world, and now available in Hard Rock Café for a limited time. Yelpers matched this delicacies with the cocktails of the World Burger Tour, and they could hear everything about both initiatives thanks to the detailed explanations of LG —Hard Rock’s chef— and Adri, one of its most talented bartenders, with a lot of flair. Do you want to know more? Then take a look at the reviews and the pictures of the event.

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