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Licor43 Cocktail Masterclass

When something is giving the nickname “liquid gold” people tend to take notice. Now elaborate that this “liquid gold” is alcohol and that these ‘people’ are massive foodies and boozies with a love of trying new things. Picture starting to form? It was time for Yelp Manchester to meet Licor43.


Descending upon Cane & Grain in the city’s Northern Quarter, 15 lucky yelpers were in for a treat in the form of a Licor43 Masterclass.

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Our fantastic hosts for the evening were Jon & Emily, bar experts and brand representatives for Licor43. Together, we took over the Tiki room at Cane & Grain and prepared for a knees up to remember, Spanish style.



It was a brilliant evening getting to know to ins and outs of the Spanish liquor born in 1946 that is still family owned to this day! Diego and Angel Zamora are the brothers responsible for what we know as Licor43, and boy do we thank them!Starting out with their trademark Mini Beer, Jon & Emily took the yelpers through a series of mixology magic; explaining and demonstrating how each cocktail is made before flipping the script and letting the guests get behind the bar.


After 4 rounds of making and shaking, the bar was open to suggestions and our experts then provided twists on old favourites. We saw a Licor43 Old Fashioned, a Caipirinha with a Spanish twist and countless other bar go to’s topped up with some fine Licor43.


Whilst it was a night to remember, the fun isn’t over just yet as you can still sign up for our DIY Masterclass with the Licor43 guys. Check out the event page here for more info and RSVP before we close entries on Friday 22nd!


Once again a huge thank you to Emily, Jon and the guys at Cane & Grain.


You can keep up to date with Licor43 by following them on Twitter and Instagram.


Warning: Impulse to buy Spanish Liquor may increase upon following!