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#LetMeYelpYouTaipei: A Campaign to Re-fall In Love with Taipei



#LetMeYelpYouTaipei is a love-your-city campaign to help every individual appreciate and re-fall in love with Taipei. We encouraged everyone who lives in Taipei or has visited the city before to upload their shots of the city’s sights, food, and the people with the hashtag #LetMeYelpYouTaipei on Instagram as well as the event listing on Yelp under the same name, “#LetMeYelpYouTaipei,” for a chance to be featured at BooGoo Cafe during the entire month of September. Everyone is welcome to attend the showing and afternoon tea on September 10th to meet the winners.

We were lucky to have 3 very impressive judges for this campaign: James Wei, an experienced restaurant owner, Lawrence Lin, the founder of KumaWash, iCook, and Inside (technology trends website), and features editor Dana Ter from Taipei Times.

This event had everyone in awe, asking questions like: “This is in Taipei?!” and “Where did you shoot this image from?” Successfully showing many sides of Taipei that are underappreciated.

Click here for more photos from September 10th!


Huge thanks to our sponsor

BooGoo Cafe