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Latinx sandwiches to discover

Havana Tropical Grill in Rogers, Arkansas

Food is a universal love language that everyone can appreciate. One of the most staple food items around the world is the sandwich. A sandwich has core elements that define what it is: meat and/or veggie filing, topped with various ingredients; however, the most important element is that everything can be hand held between two slices of “bread”. Why “bread” you may ask? This list will redefine the use of bread one may traditionally be comfortable with.

We’re excited to showcase a few signature Latinx sandwiches* that express the culture and heritage of various countries around the world in honor of Latinx Heritage Month.

*This is not a comprehensive list of all sandwiches within the Latinx community.

Types of Sandwiches In Alphabetical Order (Country of Origin)

Arepa (Colombia, Venezuela) 

Mais Arepas
New Orleans, Louisiana

? Yelper, Joshua C.

“If you are fond of Latin American cuisine in general, I believe you would like Mais Arepas as much as I do. It is a Colombian restaurant specializing in Arepa, a sandwich made with cornmeal, along with a couple of exotic and unique appetizers. I don’t know why but I feel so much Island vibe in this place despite the fact that Colombia is not even an island. Abundance of plantains, tropical fruits and fresh condiments… I just love this place so much.” – Yelp Elite, Jiwon W

Butifarra (Peru)

Bravo Peruvian Cuisine
Wilton Manors, Florida

? Bravo Peruvian Cuisine

“The word “butifarra” is the name of a Spanish sausage from Catalan but then shifted to being the name of one of the most popular traditional sandwiches in Peru. It’s a sandwich consisting of jamon del pais (Peruvian country-style seasoned ham), sweet onion relish called salsa criolla, lettuce, and a mayo sauce. I’ve had it in Peru quite a bit, but never found one that came close in the States. But now I have! This was the biggest version of a butifarra I’ve ever seen and I devoured the second half the next day. (It held up beautifully and I ate it cold.)” -Yelp Elite, Andi P.

Chilean Lomito (Chile)

Flor De Cafe
San Francisco, California

? Flor De Cafe

“Chilean Lomito: The signature dish, a must order!  Tender slices of roast pork.  Not too thick, not too thin, uniformly sliced the thickness of spiral harm.  Not sure what the spices are, but it’s loaded with a really nice sauce that must be uniquely Chilean.  Also, tons of mayonnaise, to satisfy any craving for that creamy fatty goodness.  Like seriously, grab a few napkins because it will get messy.  There’s some fresh tomatoes and avocado on top for a semblance of veggies.  Loved the ciabatta roll choice, gave a nice crunchy chew to the sandwich.” –Yelp Elite, Adam B.

Chimi (Dominican Republic) 

Jordan’s Snack Bar
New York, New York

? Yelp Elite, Shantelle C.

Short for Chimichurri, this staple sandwich is also identified as a burger to many folks. A chimi sandwich is not only used with pork/beef; however, many chimi sandwiches are done with chicken and called a chimi de pollo. The classic chimi sandwich is made up of sliced ground pork or beef, grilled, and served on pan de agua (similar to a french roll), garnished with chopped cabbage and a salsa golf sauce (similar to thousand island dressing/aioli sauce, with its own distinction of flavor).

Chivito (Uruguay)

Del Sur Cafe
Washington D.C.

? Yelper, Seba S

As the national dish of Uruguay, the Chivito is made up of thin sliced  tender cooked beef steak, mozzarella, tomatoes, mayonnaise, and olives. Many folks also include bacon and fried or hard-boiled eggs with ham. A sandwich that is not only savory but a burst of flavor in every bite.

Choripan (Argentina)

Carne – Argentina Street Food
Denver, Colorado

?  Carne

“A culture who loves meat this much has to have a sausage or two, right? Of course – and Argentina’s firm-yet-moist, paprika-and-red-wine-kissed Chorizo finds its way between two pillowy bread slices to create the much-loved Choripan sandwich. (By the way, before I forget, each of Carne’s sandwiches comes with an order of perfectly-fried potatoes – add a little Salsa Golf (a condiment consisting of mayonnaise, ketchup, and mixed herbs) to cut the richness just a bit). A filling non-meat alternative (yes, I was getting there eventually) is the Provoleta. Think of your basic grilled-cheese sandwich, but substitute those everyday Kraft slices with a couple planks of indulgent, milky provolone – doesn’t that sound tasty? Honestly, no matter what you end up eating (even if you make a meal out of their tasty beef empanadas), you can be assured of a fun, filling, and festive experience behind the doors of Carne.” –Yelp Elite, Mark T.

Cubano & Pan Con Bistec (Cuba)

Sanguich De Miami
Miami, Florida

? Yelp Elite, Kara D.

The Cubano had spiced city ham, pork, swiss cheese, homemade pickles and mustard… fantastic. It was pretty salty but my mouth is happily watering thinking about how overall savory and tangy it was. The Pan Con Bistec is loaded and pressed with slow cooked and thinly sliced top round steak, mojo rojo, fried string potatoes, and fontina cheese. Have mercy!” –Yelp Elite, Kara D.

Lomito Steak Sandwich (Venezuela)

Porteno Restaurant
New York, New York

? Yelper, Karl W.

Lomito Completo [is a] classic Argentine sandwich with thinly sliced filet mignon, ham, fried egg, cheese, lettuce and tomato on a ciabatta roll. The food was delicious as well as beautiful.” – Yelper, Irina D.

Patacón Maracucho (Venezuela)

Gusto Gourmet
Houston, Texas

? Yelp Elite, Britney G.

“It’s basically a huge sandwich of shredded beef or chicken (I got the beef), cheese, tomato, lettuce, and queso de mai9,no & ham (for the deluxe version), all sandwiched in between two huge fried plantains and adorned with the delicious fusion sauces that are the pink sauce and the cilantro sauce.” – Yelp Elite, Britney G.

Torta (Mexico)

Rainbow Fountain
El Paso, Texas

? Yelp Elite, Vic F.

“Two slices of warm, toasted Mexican bread with a distinct crunch on the outside and heavenly carbs on the inside form the exterior of this torta. Inside lies a stew of grilled beef steak, Chile California, and melted cheese. The beef steak provides the meaty foundation and savouriness that complements the tangy and earthy peppers to keep you from getting those meat sweats and cleanse the palette. The gooey cheese helps make the steak and peppers more palatable and rich as you chew. It isnt too oily or greasy. It is a beautiful scene unfolding as the moist interior combines with the toasty exterior to deliver a full and balanced experience to your stomach. Try their red and green chili sauces to add a spicy kick to get you sweating and addicted with each bite.” -Yelp Elite, Vic F.

Tripleta (Puerto Rico)

My Abuelas Food
Atlanta, Georgia

? Yelp Elite Frederick D.

“Today, I realized Puerto Rican food hits every level of comfort I tend to crave! The bread for my [Tripleta] was toasted perfectly, fall apart pork met with the familiar flavors of pickles, Swiss and mustard. It was surprisingly perfect for a Thursday lunch, or just about any other day and time too!” –Yelp Elite, Krisen V.

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