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Know Your CM: 5 Questions with Matt E in Portland

Yelp Portland Community Manager Matt Eyman

Though he’s been with Yelp since 2011, Matt Eyman moved to Portland in 2014 to assume the role of Portland’s Community Manager. A lover of craft beer, street food and the great outdoors, living in Bridgetown has been a perfect fit! We catch up with him at his home in North Tabor, where he lives with his roommate and three dogs.

What did you do before you worked for Yelp?

I’ve been with Yelp for over four years now, but before that I spent almost a decade working in bars and restaurants. From dishwasher to bartender to manager, I’ve done it all. My experience taught me how tough the hospitality industry can be, and it makes me truly appreciate excellent customer service!

What’s your favorite thing about representing Portland Yelp?

Other than all the incredible coffee? I love how everybody in Portland is so local-minded and collaborative. People put their hearts and souls into their businesses and still manage to find the time to promote their neighbors. It’s not lost on me, how fortunate I am to spend my days advocating for passionate people at the top of their game.

What’s your most recent local business discovery?

I’m a sucker for brunch, and I’ve found a new favorite at Isabel. The menu is huge! They have a good number of savory and health-conscious options, but I’m more likely to order their coconut french toast, served with a raspberry puree and a caramel-rum sauce. And if I’m really starting my weekend right, their eight varieties of infused mimosas are only $25 a pitcher!

How would you spend a perfect Saturday in Portland?

Assuming perfect weather? I’d start at the Portland Farmers Market at PSU, where I’d grab breakfast from Pine State Biscuits and then pick up everything I’d need for a nice picnic. Then I’d take a walk through downtown, stopping at Case Study Coffee for an almond milk latte. Eventually I’d make my way to The Fields in the Pearl to spend a few hours snacking, people watching, and getting some sun. I’d then make my way east, putting in some quality patio time sampling the sour ales at Cascade Brewing Barrel House. To walk off the buzz I’d make my way down SE Hawthorne, checking out the awesome collection of locally owned shops and restaurants, making sure to stop into favorites like Tender Loving Empire and Communion. And since I assume my perfect Saturday won’t have a budget, I’d wrap up my night with the Chef’s Tasting at Roe. I’m just fancy like that.

What local celebrity would you take to lunch  and where would you go?

Easy. The Unipiper! He pretty much lives and breathes ‘Keep Portland Weird’, and I’d love to learn what exactly a day in his life entails! Because of all that fire he shoots from his bagpipes, I bet we’d probably have to eat outside. I suspect he’d enjoy Kim Jong Grillin‘.

Just can’t get enough of Matt E? Check out all of his reviews on Yelp! If you still want more, follow along on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter as he continues to explore Portland.