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Know Your CM: 5 Questions with Emily C of Hartford


A Connecticut native, Emily Cahill has been the Community Manager for Hartford since 2011. A farmer’s market lover, estate sale junkie, and Champagne enthusiast, she lives in the Asylum Hill neighborhood with her husband and two cats.

What did you do before you worked for Yelp?

Before starting with Yelp nearly 5 years ago, I was finishing my master’s degree in social work and working at a few CT nonprofits – primarily in development and community engagement. This background led me to understand and appreciate all of the collaboration that goes into building a strong, supportive community – something I’m lucky to be part of in Hartford.

What’s your favorite thing about representing Hartford on Yelp?

It’s inspiring to constantly be around people who are so passionate about Hartford and committed to seeing this city flourish. There’s such a spirit of collaboration that manifests here in so many ways, from the business community to tirelessly creative event planners to locals coming together to unite over common interests. As the CM, it’s so much fun to support and showcase such a remarkable variety of businesses and events in and beyond the city. From cozy cocktail lounges to rural fruit orchards, there’s a little bit of everything around here.

What’s a great local business that you discovered because of Yelp?

It’s hard to pick just one! Tibetan Kitchen comes to mind, since I had it bookmarked for an embarrassingly long time before finally visiting a few months ago. It’s a cozy, cash only 24-seat spot in Middletown with ridiculously good pork dumplings, addictive pan-fried bread, and an extensive list of Nepalese specialties. Even thought it’s summer, I can’t stop thinking about their hand-pulled noodle soup.

 How would you spend a perfect Saturday?

I’d fuel up for the day with some massive plate-sized pancakes at Mo’s Midtown, and continue with some quality lounging time in Elizabeth Park – naturally, stopping to swoon at the gorgeous rose gardens. After grabbing a coffee at Metro Café, I’d stop in for an early afternoon bite at Tangiers International down the street, predictably wavering between a lamb gyro and their legendary falafel. I’d then make my way over to the riverfront to catch part of whatever concert or festival Riverfront Recapture happens to be putting on that day. After hanging out by the river, it’s back to the West End to sip a cocktail or two on the lovely patio at Tisane Euro-Asian Café. Those tea-infused martinis pack a punch! Winding down, I’d stop in for dinner at farm-to-table favorite, Firebox Restaurant and rush off to a show at The Bushnell. Perhaps a nightcap libation at Max Downtown?

What local celebrity would you take to lunch and where would you go?

The delightfully charming Rachel Frank, meteorologist for Fox CT. We’d definitely go for the tasting menu at ON20 because Rachel is so much fun to eat with – she’s just as enthusiastic about good food as I am, which makes for the perfect dining companion! Plus, you can’t beat the food and views at ON20.

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