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Know Your CA: 5 Questions with Scott in Green Bay

It’s time to meet Scott C, community ambassador extraordinaire in Green Bay, Wisconsin! He’s been repping Yelp in the land of green and gold for two years, hosting remarkable events for the community, penning stellar reviews, partnering with local happenings in town, and so much more.  When not Yelping, he can be found trying new beers at Stillmank Brewing, thrift shopping for his next great costume, or skating on his roller derby team. Read on to get to know Scott a little better.

How did you land this position?

A friend saw the job posting and shared it with me. She thought I would be perfect for it because she always asks me about good restaurants and events in town. I thought about it, applied for the job, and got it!

How would you spend a perfect Saturday in Green Bay?

Bloody Mary bar at RumRunners

During the summertime, I love spending Saturday mornings going to the Green Bay Farmer’s Market on Washington Street, followed by some trail skating on the Fox River Trail. I also like going thrift shopping at St. Vinnie’s to find some hidden treasures to add to my costume collection. RumRunners is a fun choice for your afternoon as they have one of the best Bloody Mary bars in Green Bay. I also love my craft beer, so it’s hard to choose which of the seven breweries to go to. Titletown Brewery and Stillmank Brewery are usually my go to spots. Finally, I’m a music nerd and tend to end the night at The Lyric Room for a live concert.

Lyric Theater

What’s your favorite thing about representing Green Bay on Yelp?

It’s fun to explore and share the local businesses in my community. No other city has a Al’s Hamburger Shop, Plae Bistro, or The ART Garage. They are all part of what makes Green Bay unique and special.

Al’s Hamburger Shop

I also love sharing these places on Yelp because you become a go-to-guy. When I get asked, “Where would be a good place for so and so?”, I get excited because I have an answer and want everyone to have the same positive experiences that I’ve had.

What’s something about your city that outsiders might not know?

The Olde Main Street District of Green Bay is really becoming an attraction, as there are some really cool public art murals. My favorite is the Morty the Moose painting. This district is showing that Green Bay has more colors than just green and gold.

What’s your biggest learning from this year-long program?

Time management is huge! I’ve really learned how to make the best use of my time and how much time I should allocate for each task. You also don’t have to do everything from scratch. There are other community ambassadors doing the same job all around North America. It’s fun to see what they’ve done and make it your own. With a limited amount of time, you can accomplish a lot by staying focused, motivated, and using the resources that are given to you.

Just can’t get enough of Scott? Check out all of his reviews on Yelp! If you still want more, follow along on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter, as he continues to explore Green Bay. Want to learn more about the Community Ambassador program and positions available? Check out