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It’s A Pizza Party With Detroit Elites

It’s no secret Yelp Elites loves pizza. And to celebrate, Crispelli’s Bakery & Pizzeria hosted Detroit Elites for a cooking class full of dough tossing and even a little cannoli stuffing!

During this pizza class, guests learned about the start of Crispelli’s with their manager Ron and picked up a few secrets to make their amazing pizza dough. Then, Ron lead the group on a how-to adventure stretching the dough and topping it with their favorite flavors before the glorious pies went into Crispelli’s wood fired oven. Round out the meal with Crispelli’s salad, make your own cannolis, and copious amounts of wine and you have one adult friendly pizza party!

Want more info? We’ve got it! Peep the reviews and the photos at the event page here.

Thanks To Our Sponsor: 

• Crispelli’s Bakery & Pizzeria – At Crispelli’s, we believe that quality doesn’t have to be expensive. With hundred-year-old baking techniques, the freshest dough, and the finest ingredients, we’re committed to affordable gourmet. But we also know that life is becoming ever more fast-paced, so it’s fitting that the centerpiece of our restaurant is a stone fired oven, that bakes at 700 degrees, that’ll make a thin crust pizza, right in front of you, in about 5 minutes. Grab something light, fresh, and healthy if you’re on-the-go. Or have a seat and settle into cozy gourmet.