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Indy Elites Stretch Cheese with Giordano’s

Boomerang by Yelp elite Sarah C.
Why only have one pizza party when you can have two!? Yelp Elites gathered on Monday night at the Giordano’s downtown location and again on Tuesday night at the northside location for Yelp Elite Adult Pizza Parties. Elites were greeted with bar service and a variety of appetizers, including calamari, potato puffs, bruschetta, and thin crust pizza. While sipping on wine and munching on apps, Giordano’s Chef Jesse talked with the Yelp elites about the history of the business and the special ingredients, and then proceeded to do a pizza making demonstration. Once our enthusiastic Yelpers finished asking questions, the staff brought out their signature house salad and chopped salad (eating salad before pizza makes it healthy, right?)

Then the moment we all were waiting for: the hot deep dish pizza arrived. Before we sunk our teeth into the pizza, Yelpers were challenged to master the classic cheese pull. After all of the cheering and excitement at each table, Yelpers finally got to savor in Giordano’s delicious cheese and/or spinach pizza. How good was it? We’ll leave it to Yelp elite Jennifer J. to explain: “This stuffed pizza is like the Cadillac of pizzas! The crust was so good, the sauce was fantastic. I was in pizza heaven.” To end the event, some brave Yelpers stepped up to try dough tossing. Just when we thought the night was over, Giordano’s staff surprised our Yelp Elites with a bag of goodies and a frozen pizza to bake at home later!

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