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In The (Sylvan) Heights!

Since Nashville has enjoyed newfound attention, most of the spotlight has been on the east side of town and various neighborhoods that are Downtown adjacent. The thing is: Nashville’s a decently-sized city and there are choice places to congregate in every quadrant. City n00bs and developers alike have started to figure this out and the west side is making a play at becoming the best side. And, with anchors like the Station 40 Apartments taking center stage, it’s easy to see why. The upscale complex was the site of an evening of music, technology, sweet cakes, choice eats, margaritas, craft beer, boxing, infinity pools, massages, and teeth whitening. Yep. You read that correctly. Oh, and a lucky attendee scored free Preds playoff tickets. Y’see, when you don’t attend Yelp events, you miss out on things. If you are regretting missing out, get a taste from the reviews and photos. And the next time someone suggests that the east side is the ‘cool’ part of town, smile knowingly and scoot west down Charlotte to the city’s new ‘it’ epicenter.

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