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How to write a useful Yelp review during COVID-19

Did you know that 97% of consumers make purchases from local businesses that they discover on Yelp? In fact, these consumers are ready to buy with 51% of users making a purchase within a day and 90% making a purchase within a week. 

So what is it that allows consumers to trust Yelp to discover new businesses? It comes down to one special ingredient: Yelp uses the power of their local communities to voice their experiences through reviews. There is no doubt that COVID-19 has made it not only difficult for consumers to experience local businesses in-person, but it has also made it difficult for consumers to document those experiences. If you’re someone who would love some tips on how to write an informative, yet positive Yelp review following the pandemic then continue reading for some helpful tips.

Think about what you’d want to read in a review

When searching for a business on Yelp,  people often look for any type of special directions, parking information, customer service mentions, food, service, etc. Additionally, eye-popping photos of the businesses and food stand out to most.

If you find yourself needing a reminder to post great photos or tips when visiting a business, you’re in luck. Yelp has the check-in feature, which will allow you to post photos to your check-in as well as remind you to review the business next time you open the app. Sometimes businesses will even have special offers redeemable only by checking-in!

Review your takeout or drive-up experience

Many business owners may not have the capacity to offer sit-down or in-person experiences. Even though ordering takeout or curbside pick-up may be a different experience from in-person, it is still an experience and a great way to support local spots. Be sure to make note in your review whether you had a takeout or drive-up experience.

Show your appreciation for a business

It is important to remember that local businesses are working their hardest to provide the best service possible. If you notice that your favorite local business or a business that you’ve recently visited is working hard, show them some love! You never know when a kind-hearted review will go a long way.

If you had a not-so-great experience, offer constructive criticism

Local businesses are still working to recover from the height of the pandemic, which may mean a shortage in staff, shorter business hours, and longer wait times. Naturally, this can be frustrating, but we have to remember that working through this pandemic is new for everyone. Offer some advice on how they could have done things differently to enhance their customer experience.

See what local business owners have to say…

Be flexible! Focus on that little shining gem of hope and possibly-sometimes the unplanned and unexpected give you a new path.

As a business owner, I think you always have to be open to change, open to modifying things, and work in a dynamic way. If nothing else, COVID reinforced how incredibly flexible and fast to respond business owners must be to survive in a constantly evolving world.

Dealing with insane supply chain issues, lack of staffing, extreme increases in costs, and the health concerns of staff and customers is more pronounced than ever.

– Melissa f, co-owner of escape brewery & downtown oasis in redlands, CA
Escape Downtown Oasis

Reviews mean the world to a small business. We strive to provide an exceptional service not just based on the talents we were hired for but for going above and beyond and leaving a lasting impression on each client. So when we read a client review that talks more about how we made them feel & how we made their day it reminds us the reason why we created our business in the first place to keep going and and especially during such a rough year for our business. 

Not to mention, when someone receives a great service, they are inclined to tell more of their friends about us, which in turn helps with keeping our doors open. We are so thankful for each and every referral and review.

– Tommie R, Owner, artist & founder of Dollhouse Hair & Makeup Design & The Parlour in Riverside, CA

As small business owners one of our main goals is for the client to not just notice our work, but to also notice the process. How we gave them exactly what they wanted and more. We want our clients to remember their event forever and us. So when they notice how easy of a process it was to have us, we are doing our job. When it comes to before the event, during the event and after. Having the clients have a successful event and booth was part of that, reminds us why we do what we do.

It’s important to us when the client notices us too, not just our photo booth. Because we want to leave a lasting impression, so they can have us again, and other people want us for their event when people mention that.

– Meghan N, Co-owner of Summer Lights Photo Booth in the Inland Empire, CA