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Houston’s SmartFood Photography Mixer at Fusion Eats

Tex-Mex Angus Steak Taco + Paloma | photo by Vincent N, Yelp

Greater Houston Elites attended a SmartFood Photography Mixer on August 31st hosted at Greenway’s newest eatery – Fusion Eats. Upon arrival, Elites had the chance to select one delectable taco from the chef-driven menu plus a choice happy hour cocktail. From Tex-Mex Angus Steak to Chicken Fried Oyster, the Friday night happy hour mixer presented a myriad of flavors – and #foodporn photo opps! Before Elites could dig into their meal, they were provided with smartphone photo tips – from the basics plus to more in depth – to enhance their #foodporn collection. Below are some of the night’s highlights! And don’t forget to check out the event reviews and event photos! Don’t forget to check out the Fusion Eats Sunday brunch (10am-3pm) and happy hour Mon-Fri 3-7pm!