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Hot Dog! Yelp’s Top Ten Wieners In America

It’s no secret Americans are wild about wieners. According to the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council (yes, it’s a real thing), Americans consume 7 billion hot dogs Memorial Day through Labor Day. That’s billion with a “B”. And, just in time, since today is National Hot Dog Day!

For your salivating pleasure, we’re counting down a compiled a list of the 10 most Yelped-about tube steaks across the land. From traditional franks to gourmet game on a bun, things are about to get haute (dog).    

  1. Senor Bob’s – Sedona, Arizona

With only three main menu items – Unbelievable Hot Dog, beef burger, and veggie burger – simplicity is key at Senor Bob’s, a staple for quality, classic style American dogs. Locals love creating their own version of the perfect dog at the “accessories station” with unlimited toppings – from piping hot chili and tangy sauerkraut to banana peppers and black olives.

Yelper Insight: Buns are made fresh daily and potato fries are cut and cooked on the spot!

  1. T-Loc’s Sonora Hot Dogs – Austin, Texas

Arizona (specifically Tucson) is best known for their Sonoran-style hot dogs. But you can get your fix in the Lone Star State. This bacon-wrapped dog – your choice of regular wiener, premium or veggie – comes piled with beans, onions, tomatoes, jalapeños sauce, mustard, and Mexican mayo wedged tightly in a steamed Mexican baguette. Pair with a Mexican cola and give a gloriously loud, “Grito!”

Yelper Insight: Get your Sonora “con todo,” that means “with everything.”

  1. Doglicious Hot Dogs – Glendale, Arizona

At Delicious Dogs, you nearly 25 different tube steak options. Philly Cheese Steak, Nacho Macho, BLT, La Colombiana – even a Banh Mi Dog – await the warm welcome of your tastebuds. And the buns are baked fresh daily.

Yelper Insight: Save room for dessert. Can you say Belgian liege waffle a la mode?

  1. Porky’s – Waimea, Hawaii

Founded in 2013, Porky’s is a must-stop lunch spot during your trek back from Waimea Canyon. As for dog options, choose between grilled pineapple pork sausage (No 1) or grilled all beef hot dog (No 2) topped with sweet onions, homemade pineapple relish, and a hefty pile of grilled Kalua pork over a toasted French roll. And we can’t forget about Porky’s famous barbecue sauce. Salivating yet?

Yelper Insight: Price includes your drink. Add $1 for bacon or Portuguese sausage.

  1. Dave’s Dogs – Santa Barbara, California

Both locals and tourists turn to this 5-star food cart for the assortment of creations. The SB Style is popular, topped with sliced avocado, crema, bacon, cilantro and a few other fixin’s. Kiddos – and adults – might also want to try the Pizza Dog and Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Dog.   

Yelper Insight: More you buy, the more you save! Select dogs are 1 for $4; 2 for $7 or 3 for $10.

  1. Short Leash Hot Dog Food Truck – Phoenix, Arizona

Once a single food truck in 2010, Short Leash expanded into additional food trucks, brick and mortar locations and concepts. From cheese stuffed wieners fried in a corn tortilla (Crispy Dog) to the Poutine dog wrapped in naan, you’ll be in flavor overload.

Yelper Insight: Walk on the sweet, salty and savory side, and order up the Bear: peanut butter, smoked gouda, bacon, BBQ sauce, and Cracker Jacks – yes, Cracker Jacks – nestled in naan.  

  1. Happy Dog Hot Dogs – Santa Cruz, California

Follow your nose – or the yellow and red umbrella – to this popular food cart. Choose your dog – cheesy Bavarian sausage from Corralitos Meat Market is a favorite – then explore the unlimited toppings and condiments bar for the likes of garlic aioli, beer mustard, dill relish.

Yelper Insight: They’re a hit at catered events; and ask about their rewards program.

  1. International House Of Hot Dogs – Anchorage, Alaska

If you’ve ever craved a frank at 10am, fans of IHOH are right there with ya. They open earlier than the usual hot dog stand, serving up reindeer polish dogs, buffalo brats and even soy sausage. The Alaskan Breeze is a favorite: a reindeer polish dog with sautéed onions, pineapple, mayo and salsa

Yelper Insight: Ask for their secret chipotle creme.

  1. Yoyo’s Hot Dog – Houston, Texas

For night owls with the late night munchies – or drunchies – Houstonians turn to this stand for their fully dressed dogs. Think: curry ketchup, honey mayo, warm cream cheese, crunchy fried onions… and so much more. Get your dog dressed all the way. Don’t be scurred!

Yelper Insight: Try their sister location in Midtown, JonJon’s Hot Dog.

  1. Chili Man  Charlotte, North Carolina

This is a one-man-show hot dog cart is popular amongst locals for their unlimited toppings, “designer” taco sauce, and unique menu items like the Naco-Dog (part dog, part nacho, part taco). The Life Changer was voted no. 1 hot dog on the planet by Vic, the jovial owner.

Yelper Insight: Chili Man even offers vegan chili Wednesdays complete with vegan hot dogs, so no excuses to miss out, veg heads.

Still hot for dogs? You can find your next wiener stop in your city by tapping up that Yelp app!